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Facebook have launched 'Canvas' to help you maximise your Facebook advertising - and the service is free.

On Friday 26th February, Facebook launched 'Canvas' - a rich media unit that is available to all Facebook advertisers.

Canvas allows you to extend your advertising with Facebook beyond a sponsored post with a link to your website or other areas. With Canvas, you can create full screen mobile rich media that has text, imagery, video and call-to-action buttons that a user can experience, swipe through image carousels and interact with in a seamless and fast loading environment.

Canvas has been designed and built to upload to the device (Android or iPhone) as much as 10x faster than the standard mobile web. This alone is a great addition to Facebook's power.

What can you do with Canvas ? 
Canvas provides an effective, free and simple to use social advertising platform for creating interactive, full screen compelling brand stories on mobile for business. Not only can you incorporate moving images and animations instead of a static post, but you can add call-to-action buttons that a user can actually touch in the advert rather than having to put links into body copy. All this adds to the user experience and gets your audience interacting directly with your brand - and it can be created directly from the online Facebook Canvas generator. There is no need to spend excessive amounts of time combining videos, still images and call-to-actions buttons - the technology is at your fingertips and is easy to use.

In beta testing, some of the world's biggest brands including Wendy's, BMW and Macy's were allowed to test and prepare their own ads for launch. Here in Australia, Audi and Tourism Australia are launching campaigns using the medium. You don't have to be as big as these brands to enjoy what Canvas can offer your brand - what it does show you is that if big brands are taking it up, it's worth investigating how Canvas can help you too.

For clients of The Digital Embassy, canvas provides a powerful tool to share their compelling brand and product stories with mobile consumers. Using the platform our marketing experts can help you create enjoyable interactive experiences which leverage your digital footprint to enhance brand awareness and drive customer leads and conversions.

The best news is that if you are already leveraging Facebook advertising as part of your greaterdigital strategy, the service from Facebook's involvement is no extra cost.

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PostedWednesday, 2 March 2016