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Angelique Smelt - A Case Study


Artistic talents require an artistic vehicle to showcase their passions. Angelique Smelt entrusted us and we delivered.

Angelique Smelt: A Case Study


Angelique Smelt is an Adelaide artist who grew up in an artistic and creative family. Her love affair with art and education in human psychology have nourished her ideas and allowed her to create pieces that celebrate colour & patterns found in nature.

The Task

Approached by Angelique, The Digital Embassy was tasked with redeveloping her website into a digital platform that both represented her artistic style, but also was a functional vehicle to both promote her work and give her a voice to the community. Angelique needed the ability to edit and maintain her website through a simplistic CMS and generate leads for commissioned artworks.

Our approach and the results

Built utilising the WordPress Content Management System, www.angeliquesmelt.com.au is a website that is very easy for the user to navigate through. Helping to pioneer a different approach in artists websites, Angelique's site doesn't offer her pieces for sale. Instead it is designed to showcase her pieces and styles to encourage a connection with the user and generate interest in commissioning a unique piece for them.

The focus of the website is on the galleries - which are split into categories with each image displaying in a full screen lightbox. A small 'i' gives the user the option to learn a little more and if interested, drive them to request a commission piece. All gallery images have share functionality to engage conversation on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Angelique also wanted a voice for discussions and 'musings'. Blog features were added allowing her to write about her inspirations and again encourage discussion via sharing icons.

A large component of the website redevelopment was the need for the site to be responsive. When beginning conversations with people, Angelique discovered many would grab their smartphones to look at her work while they were talking. A responsive design has delivered a greater experience for the end user with a restructured layout maximising her work galleries on devices like smartphones and tablets.


Commissioning an artistic piece

Core to the methodology of the website is the ability to commission Angelique to produce a unique piece for the user. The 'Commissions' section of the website breaks down the process into a few easy steps including choosing a medium, one of five preset packages per medium (predetermined sizes) or custom request a unique size. There is also functionality to upload reference material if the commission piece should be based on something the user has seen previously.

Social media

Before her website was given blog functionality, Angelique would write her stories and inspirations on social media. This gives her a voice but no real link back to her work on the website or other areas.

The Digital Embassy are working with Angelique on a social media strategy to share her 'musings' and galleries through the medium and steer conversations through her website - leading to commission enquiries.

“I am very grateful to be the recipient of such a fine new website. I think the smile has been permanently planted on my face. It looks amazing!”

Angelique Smelt 

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PostedWednesday, 24 February 2016