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Apples vs Oranges - it's all fruit right ?


When compiling competitive quotes, it's important to make sure everyone is quoting the same thing.

There has never been a more accurate phrase uttered than “You get what you pay for” and there is always a trade off to a special ‘deal’ – whether stated or not.

In the digital space, as with any medium, it can be hard to compare quotes and know exactly what you are comparing. Particularly with services rather than products, comparing one business’s creative approach and thinking methodology to another’s means having to understand the value placed on that thinking and comparing it to the outcome you want.

If one quote stands out significantly more than the others based on price, chances are that business isn’t offering the same service as the rest. It can be a rude shock to choose the cheapest quote only to find that what was briefed and what was delivered are about as similar as an online dating profile pic to the real thing (of course they’re my abs).

It’s not usually a deception thing (in most cases) but a failure to either understand the requirements of the brief or a poor brief to begin with – sometimes both. The cost to bring the project back to where it needs to be puts a greater financial strain on the project than what you were ‘going’ to save in the beginning.

As an experienced Digital Agency, The Digital Embassy supplies significant documentation to any proposal outlining the full suite of services for the quote proposed as well as what deliverables can be expected and when. Once underway, Project Management Plans detail in and out-of-scope items & timelines with Functional Specification documents showing how digital communications like websites operate and what to expect from the development.

We all want to save some $’s where we can but we should be looking at efficiencies, removal of unnecessary items or a staged approach as ways to make those savings. Finding someone to do it cheaper usually means they aren’t doing the same job. Compromising early can cost you later – and comparing different fruit will ultimately lead to a bad taste in your mouth. If you’re unsure of the differences, talk to us about it. We’ll propose the best solution for your budget and brief so if you are comparing quotes, we are happy to discuss the options.

About The Digital Embassy

The Digital Embassy™ is an Australian Certified Digital Agency leading clients through the digital experience. Our core competencies lie in Digital Strategy, Responsive Website Design, Mobile App Development, Content Marketing and Production, Inbound Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), AdWords campaigns, Web Hosting, Education and Training.

These attributes allow us to educate our clients on industry best practice and develop highly engaging digital assets and lead generation channels that deliver a measurable Return on Investment (ROI). 

The Digital Embassy™ is a Microsoft and Google Certified Partner, and a pre-qualified ICT service provider for Government in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

The Digital Embassy

AuthorThe Digital Embassy

The Digital Embassy™ is a Multi-Award Winning, Australian Google and Microsoft Certified Partner transforming digital business.

PostedThursday, 22 October 2015