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Brilliant SA: A Case Study


Brilliant SA approached The Digital Embassy when they needed a new responsive website that would act as an online gallery of their projects, products and services. The Brilliant SA website reflects the principles of integrity, honesty and pursuit of excellence, upon which the company is built. Brilliant SA clients demand personalised designs and professional results and the website creates a vital first impression by providing a superior online customer service experience. The website is fully responsive to cater for users of mobile and table devices and is fully integrated with several social media platforms.

Brilliant SA is an Adelaide based company specialising in custom designed building projects, with an emphasis on stunning kitchen and bathroom renovations. Their guiding principle and goal is to enhance their clients’ lives with designs and solutions that fulfil their unique needs.




Operating in a highly competitive market, Brilliant SA required a website that would reflect their guiding principles and goals. The new website would set them apart from their competitors by showcasing their capabilities with beautiful imagery and encourage lead generation by making it easy for a potential client to request an appointment.

The website design had to be consistent with the quality works produced by Brilliant SA. The design would focus on the promotion of imagery from Brilliant SA’s extensive portfolio of projects. It needed to provide a superior online customer service experience and firmly establish Brilliant SA at the top of the customers mind when choosing an expert for their home renovation project.

A further requirement of the website was to create a dedicated page with the ability for their clients to log on and manage their custom projects as well as being fully integrated with the social media platform Houzz.




The Digital Embassy designed and developed a new website that promoted the brand’s tonality reflecting integrity, honesty and pursuit of excellence, symbiotically showcasing the beautiful portfolio of works that set them apart from the rest.


Galleries act as an online showcase of the products, services and successes of Brilliant SA with visitors to the Brilliant SA website immediately treated to a huge gallery on the home page. The Digital Embassy designed the new website so that most pages have a gallery of photos to visually entice the visitor. 

Calls-To-Action & Lead Generation

For lead generation each page features clear call to actions to entice potential customers to request an appointment to get their renovation journey with Brilliant SA started.

Customer integration

A simple interface between the website and the customer portal was designed and implemented giving customers a login area to manage their projects. It shows style choices, pricing, timings and all communications in one simple space.


The Digital Embassy has designed and built the website using responsive design principles to ensure that the website is accessible for all users regardless of device. Mobile and tablet users can enter the site with the same ease of access as desktop users. All aspects of the website are mobile device friendly, including the project galleries through which mobile users can easily swipe to view the images.

Social Media

The website has been fully integrated with social media sharing functionality to allow Brilliant SA clients to easily share their favourite images with family and friends on Facebook or Pinterest – 2 popular platforms for large imagery. The website has further been integrated with Houzz, a social media platform that has been created as a source of inspiration for renovators.

Search Engine Optimisation

The Brilliant SA website has been fully optimised using The Digital Embassy’s Search Engine Optimisation processes to increase its visibility to search engines and enhance visitor’s user experiences. 

To optimise a site, the Digital Embassy conducts keyword research, reviews the content supplied by the client, optimises pages including page titles and meta tags, creates and submits site maps and robot files. Brilliant SA receives a monthly report outlining keyword performance and an analytical overview of the website’s performance.



“We’ve had the pleasure of working with the talented people at The Digital Embassy to make this happen. They’ve patiently and skilfully worked with us through the creative process and made sure the technical side of things is just right. We’re very happy with the results and will continue to add and improve as we go along.”

- Peter Sveinsson, Director – General Manager.


  • Strategy
  • Creative Design
  • User Experience
  • Web Development
  • Social Integration
  • Digital Marketing



  • WordPress CMS
  • Responsive Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation


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PostedTuesday, 24 February 2015