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Brilliant SA: A Digital Marketing Case Study


Brilliant SA wished to activate a digital marketing campaign to help increase their online visibility and engage qualified searchers.

Brilliant SA: A Digital Marketing Case Study

The Task

To compliment the launch of their new website, Brilliant SA wished to activate a digital marketing campaign to help increase their online visibility and engage qualified searchers who are in the market for their beautiful bathroom and kitchen renovation services.

Our Approach

The Digital Embassy carried out an extensive workshop process with the key stakeholders of Brilliant SA to determine and understand not only their business goals, but also gain a clearer picture of how they are placed in the market against their competitors.

By carrying out this process it allowed The Digital Embassy to develop appropriate marketing and communication strategies and cater communication terminology and advertising touch points to the specific needs and desires of the target audience. Relevant and attractive advertising communication themes where developed and implemented as part of a holistic digital marketing approach with the aim of driving more sales lead enquiries and increasing brand awareness for Brilliant SA.

Search Engine Optimisation

An extensive SEO audit was carried out to understand the industry landscape and formulate a strategic campaign to place Brilliant SA in premium position Google search listings. This campaign included targeting both Brilliant SA branded keywords and non-branded industry specific phrases.

The Digital Embassy continues to conduct monthly management and analysis of Brilliant SA’s search engine and website performance. The monthly analysis includes reporting on keyword performance, traffic sources, user behaviours and providing strategic recommendations to further improve their overall digital marketing performance.

Google Adwords

Pay-per-click Google Adwords campaigns were implemented by The Digital Embassy’s Google Certified experts to help compliment and further enhance Brilliant SA’s visibility in their market searches. These strategic placements were responsible for driving a high volume of traffic to product and service specific pages.

Remarketing Advertising

To compliment paid search adverts, Google Remarketing campaigns were developed in order to further engage previous visitors to the Brilliant SA website with branded adverts as they continued their journey across other websites within the Google Display Network.

As part of our industry research, it was found that due to the nature of larger, once off purchases, it can often take a matter of months for a consumer to move from a research phase to a buying phase. These remarketing initiatives allowed Brilliant SA to keep their brand top of mind and aid in guiding potential customers back toward their services closer to the decision making process.


The culmination of all digital marketing initiatives has helped place Brilliant SA amongst premium page one keyword rankings in a highly competitive market. With over 75 targeted keyword phrases* positioning Brilliant SA on page one search listings has seen a dramatic increase in their overall online visibility and greater engagement from users with their website services.

*Figures correct as of October 2016.

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PostedMonday, 21 November 2016