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Fruitalicious Website: A Case Study


Fruitilicious supply us with fresh fruit and vegetables, The Digital Embassy supplied them with a fresh new website.

Fruitalicious Website: A Case Study


Fruitalicious is a wholesale produce supplier, active predominantly in Business to Business Sales, with customers including supermarkets, service stations, government, hospitality, retail outlets nursing homes, hospitals, child care centres and schools.The business provides a wide variety of whole fruit & vegetables plus related products including fresh cut fruit & vegetables, soups, yoghurts and juices.


The Task

Fruitalicious required a modern, up-to-date site that could easily be managed and updated by their staff. The site needed to appeal to the designated target market in an emotional and engaging manner with a high emphasis on product photography and simplistic narratives.

High on the priority list was online purchasing facilities that made it as intuitive as possible for users to flow through the purchase process, while being technically robust and highly functional in terms of eCommerce system integration and reporting. 


Advanced Commerce Solution

More than just a fruit and veg reseller, Fruitalicious's store and shopping cart was required to contain online purchasing experience unique to logged in users. The system needed to support a myriad of items for purchase from whole fruit and vegetables through to pre-cut options for roasting, different cuts and suggested options to give plenty of choice to the end user. 

The shopping cart required visual references of each item, descriptions of the good and product statements as well as the ability to choose between individual items or pre-bagged quantities and continue shopping or head to the checkout.

In light  the scope of requirements The Digital Embassy recommended online purchases be managed through a fully integrated and customised eCommerce cart incorporating secure login. Users, once logged in are given access to restricted content such as special prices, and are able to manage their preferred payment options and customer profile. 

Advanced online reporting functions have also been incorporated to include order fulfilment  (including purchasing and payment confirmation records), product pricelists, shipping costs, payment gateway transactions, website traffic and search engine keyword effectiveness and email campaign results.


Responsive Design

As with all websites created by The Digital Embassy, the Fruitalicious website is completely responsive with all content reordering and laying itself out in the most optimised format for the device being used to view it. The mobile experience is highly functional and intuitive to use as the tablet or desktop versions - all managed through a central website CMS platform.

Powered by DNN

With the client needing the ability to manage their content and make alterations to price points and product offerings on a daily basis, the need to have a user intuitive, robust and highly functional 'back end' was paramount to the success of the new website. The Digital Embassy chose to use the DNN content management system for its intelligent modules, extensive management tool set and page caching capabilities ensure maximum site performance. 


Once a user has made their initial shopping decisions, they can also look through other content on the site such as recipes and if they find something appealing, they can revisit the store to pick up any extra items they may need to recreate any dishes they have seen that has inspired them.


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PostedFriday, 6 February 2015