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Googlebot – what a clever little chap


Google knows nearly everything about your digital presence.

Google knows nearly everything about your digital presence.

To qualify that statement, let’s go back 15 years to a time of less digital sophistication. A time when search engines picked up on URLs only or home page text. If it wasn’t written there in html code, search couldn’t find it. It often made for a hit & miss experience when trying to find a brand or simply ‘surf the net’ for relevant information to a query.

Fast forward to today and we have a far more enhanced search capability. Google not only sees all the text you have on your website (not just your page names or home page text), but descriptions you use to describe the page content (meta tags etc), relevance to a user’s search words, how often your content is updated, whether you are servicing a user’s search medium (making websites responsive to optimise viewing on tablets and mobile devices) PLUS Google is now accessing the very Javascripts and CSS resources used to create your website. Google says that this new feature is designed to better understand a website's functionality and therefore enhance a user’s experience by delivering better search results to their queries. It’s like saying I want to analyse the floor plan of a house to make sure there is flow from room to room – but now I also want to know about the materials you use to build the walls and ceiling to make sure the rooms are warm enough.

All this means that not only should you be supplying fresh content for your website; not only should your website be responsive to cater for various devices; not only should your website meet accessibility standards; not only should your search tags be relevant to your content; but your site should also be built by professional website developers (like The Digital Embassy), who understand and execute best practice when building a website from the ground up.

If you ignore even one of these criteria that Google uses to crawl your site, you risk a poor ranking in a user’s search results. You need your website to be performing as optimally as it can – The Digital Embassy is here to help make that happen – why not begin a conversation.


About The Digital Embassy

The Digital Embassy™ is an Australian Certified Digital Agency leading clients through the digital experience. Our core competencies lie in Digital Strategy, Responsive Website Design, Mobile App Development, Content Marketing and Production, Inbound Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), AdWords campaigns, Web Hosting, Education and Training.

These attributes allow us to educate our clients on industry best practice and develop highly engaging digital assets and lead generation channels that deliver a measurable Return on Investment (ROI). 

The Digital Embassy™ is a pre-qualified ICT service provider for Government in SA, VIC and NSW.

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The Digital Embassy™ is a Multi-Award Winning, Australian Google and Microsoft Certified Partner transforming digital business.

PostedTuesday, 25 August 2015