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Improve your website design using Heat Maps!


With Heat Maps, we can track not only the links you click on most, but track your mouse movements and clicks in general.

Heat Map analytics, or ‘Heat Maps’ are a powerful evidence based marketing tool and a method of seeing exactly what people are doing on your website. It's a small snippet of JavaScript that we can place on your website to track not only the links a user clicks on, but also track their mouse movements and areas they click on that may not even be links at all.

A Heat Map looks a little like a scene out of Predator (still one of Arnie's best movies in our opinion). The brighter the colour, the 'hotter' that area is and the more interaction with your users.

Gain detailed insights into consumer interactions 

Instead of simply tracking which pages are visited and for how long through the basic Google Analytics, heat maps gives you a fantastic insight into consumer interactions on your website. It allows you to consider the results and redesign your page layout or emphasise specific pieces of content that are obviously of the greatest interest to the user. The result will be delivering a website design and content experience that helps funnelling visitors through to desired conversion pathways.

Pictures tell the story

Heat Maps are also easy to understand and discuss as it's a graphical representation of the data. A picture tells a thousand words. It shows you quickly and simply where the hot spots are on any one page. 

Increase your consumer engagement

Whether you use it to better understand how a user moves through your site experience, or use it to test and change the type of website design and content you deliver, heat maps provides a powerful mechanism for increasing consumer engagement and driving better conversion outcomes.

Setting up Heat Maps

Today, there are not too many businesses that wouldn’t benefit from data driven, evidence based marketing plans using heat maps. If you are one of our clients then we can set up Heat Map Analytics for you and show you how to gain insights for high-ROI changes.

If you are not a client and you'd like to know more about Heat Map Analytics, begin a conversation today.

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PostedWednesday, 9 March 2016