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Mollydooker: A Case Study


Mollydooker wines and processes are unique - so is the website we produced for them.

Mollydooker: A Case Study


Mollydooker is an affectionate Aussie term for Left-Hander - because both Sarah and Sparky Marquis – the husband and wife winemaking team based in McLaren Vale Australia - are both lefties!

From humble beginnings and a passion for fun and wine, Husband and wife team, Sarah & Sparky, have grown Mollydooker into an award winning wine brand that employs over 50 people.


The Task

With a brand and a working methodology of fun, The Digital Embassy was tasked with bringing to life the client's vision of a fresh new website featuring unique and wonderful characters.

The website needed to be highly visual and dynamic with the aim of fresh user engagement at every turn.

Matching the unique user experience was the more serious side of buying wine. An eCommerce solution was required that could bring to life the characters whilst allowing the user easy purchase of the products.


Buying the wine

The eCommerce solution created kept the design theming consistent with the rest of the website. 

Users can easily learn more about each product, purchase bottles and cases as well as peruse older vintages and buy merchandise.


Unique in Design

Unlike most websites that The Digital Embassy builds, the Mollydooker website is optimised specifically for desktops. Being so unique and quirky, it is felt that the website is best viewed at full size. Users who navigate to the website on tablet or mobile devices are taken to a mobile version of the site rather than having a responsive version of the website created. Whilst this creates effectively two websites, it keeps the experience unique and maximises how the brand portrays itself of each device.



Parallax Animation

When viewing the product range of Mollydooker Wines, Parallax scrolling is used to visually engage with the user. Parallax scrolling utilises multiple images that scroll at different times creating depth perception and giving a funky style to the scrolling movement.


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PostedThursday, 7 May 2015