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Our Office Worms Have Turned...


what was a baron clay landscape into a thriving and sustainable garden!

As some of you may be aware, The Digital Embassy has had a long standing focus on reducing electrical and paper wastage, lowering C02 offsets and reusing and recycling to ensure our office operation is as green and sustainable as it can be.

In recognition of National Recycling Week we wanted to demonstrate how the small contributions of just one workplace can help drastically benefit the local environment.

In June 2012, The Digital Embassy’s founder Colville Nette and his wife Bobbi acquired a baron and muddy plot which was used to construct their family home. There was virtually no topsoil to speak of, the foundations were filled with a combination of building rubble, debris and clay so sticky it could barely be walked on without losing your shoes.

This began the long process of soil health restoration, the most significant part was to be the addition of organic matter and conditioners to improve the biodiversity of microorganisms. This was achieved with the introduction of a worm farm which in turn reduced food wastage at the office, as well as utilising old cardboard boxes for weed suppression and shredded paper for carbon based composting.

After a few years of spreading the compost, worm castings, shredded paper and cardboard they were finally in a position to be ready to start planting. The resulting greenery continues to be fed with the combination of recycled office waste material and the soil is still conditioned from the worm farm which processes approximately 5 to 10kgs of food waste each week.

Their fruit and vegetable gardens now produce enough food to sufficiently feed the family and the surplus often makes its way back to work in the form of fresh herbs, seedlings, cuttings and baked goods for the team. The banana trees alone produce enough fruit to supply staff with Bobbi’s famous banana bread for the 4 o’clock munchies all year ‘round.

In addition to the use of worm farms, The Digital Embassy also have a bottle and can collection, coffee pod recycling, cardboard and paper collection and plastics and glass recycling.

These small changes to the workplace have not only ensured a significant portion of the office waste is spared from landfill, but has also helped make significant improvements to both the land and to the staff at The Digital Embassy and their families.

To find out how you can get involved in National Recycling Week or for help on how to adopt some valuable recycling practices in your workplace visit www.recyclingweek.planetark.org or contact The Digital Embassy.


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The Digital Embassy™ is a Multi-Award Winning, Australian Google and Microsoft Certified Partner transforming digital business.

PostedWednesday, 9 November 2016