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Remember when search engines were very basic and you typed in one key word to see what you would find 'online' ?

Remember when search engines were very basic and you typed in one key word to see what you would find 'online' ?

Search engines have come a long way. Some of the early 'engines' were actually basic listings functions designed to find key words only. Anyone remember:

  • W3 catalog
    (the first official search engine after listing scripts like Archie, Veronica & Jughead) 
  • AliWeb
  • Jumpstation
  • WebCrawler
  • Lycos
  • Magellan

As web pages turned into websites, search engines had to become more sophisticated to deal with the sheer volume of information available and therefore searchable online. This saw the birth of companies like:

  • Excite
  • Infoseek
  • Inktomi
  • Northern Light

Of course, these were yet to transition into what we know today. By the mid 1990's, two search engines in particular had risen to prominence:

  • Alta Vista
  • Yahoo

These 2 engines would hold 'majority share' in this space for many years. 

Everything was about to change. In 1998 a company was founded that would soon become entangled into our culture and vernacular to the point where as a phrase, it has even made it into our dictionaries. That company would be called 'Google'.

Today, Google is more than a search engine. As a company, they have a suite of web tools from the original search engine, to email, analytics, social media and video (you may have heard of youtube) to name a small few. 

In order to distance themselves as a parent company from their products, Google announced on 10 August 2015 a name change for the parent company to 'Alphabet'. 

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PostedFriday, 14 August 2015