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SA Ambulance Training Simulator: A Case Study


Developed by The Digital Embassy in 2012, this onscreen simulator is still in use by SA Ambulance Service today.

SA Ambulance Training Simulator: A Case Study


In a first for South Australia, the Mobile Connect Project for SA Ambulance Service has seen over 300 Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) installed and activated in all operational ambulance vehicles across the state.

Key to this service is the onscreen simulation training package developed and deployed by The Digital Embassy.


The Task

SA Ambulance Service required a training simulator to be developed that would allow Ambulance Officers and Paramedics to train with real life scenarios and ensure that they are familiar and comfortable with the new system that was being rolled out.

The Simulator would complete a larger strategic training rollout that would also include videos, user guides and face to face communications.


Ease of Use

The overall screen layout of the simulator was a direct match to what the Ambulance Officers and Paramedics could expect to find out in the field, giving them a real life representation to make sure in a real emergency, familiarity would be an ally when using the data terminals..



MDT Overview

A full instructional overview is accompanying the simulator showing the trainee the location of each device within the vehicle, what each user interaction point was designed to do and the appropriate steps required to work through a situation and extract the valuable information required to fulfil the job.


Scenario Demo

Real life scenarios were loaded into the simulator with the user able to choose from 20 different practice events.

An event demonstration area also allows the user to see what happens next during the process.

Fast forward to 2016 and the SA Ambulance Service is still using the Simulation Training Package developed by The Digital Embassy as a core component in their on the job training of their vastly skilled Ambulance Officers and Paramedics.

“The new MDT system has revolutionised the way we communicate to our staff and how they respond to emergency situations” - Steve Cameron, Executive Director - Operations, SA Ambulance Service.


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PostedThursday, 14 May 2015