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Securatrak Website: A Case Study


Tracking your fleet vehicles is what Securatrak does. Tracking your user experiences online is what we do.

Securatrak Website: A Case Study


Securatrak Pty Ltd provides turn-key GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions for organisational fleets located throughout Australasia. With the most sophisticated telematics devices available on the market, Securatrak can provide a customised fleet management solution, tailored to any business requirements.


The Task

Approached by Securatrak, The Digital Embassy was tasked with redeveloping the corporate website to help streamline their online sales funnel as well as deliver their content in a simple and intuitive manner. A responsive website was also needed to enhance the user experience to improve customer engagement on tablet and mobile devices. Securatrak had a significant amount of requests surrounding CRM management and the ability to know as much about their website’s users as possible to facilitate further contact and discussions.


Our Approach 

The requirements surrounding the client’s CRM made them a perfect candidate for the Kentico CMS & Online Marketing Platform. The power of Kentico (due to its online tracking and tools) allows Securatrak to capture vital information about their user’s journey through the website.

The Digital Embassy’s responsive design creates a clear stacking order when the screen size shrinks down allowing content to be easily viewed and scrolled through.

Having completed a strategic workshop with the client, The Digital Embassy was able to re-prioritise and order the content to give the user a clearer understanding of the products on offer, the benefit to their respective businesses and deliver on the business and digital objectives of the Securatrak business.


Value Statement & Results

Since deployment of the redeveloped Kentico powered website, Securatrak is now able to capture vital information about their user’s journey throughout the website, and streamline their online sales funnel to maximise conversions. Post launch the website’s overall search rankings in the first week alone had also increased by 50% and there are 10 new keywords on the first page. 


Services Utilised

  • Strategy
  • Creative Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Web Development
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Marketing & SEO

Technologies Used

  • Kentico CMS platform
  • Google Analytics
  • Live Chat
  • Secure login
  • 3rd party links & access
“Securatrak is now able to capture vital information about their user’s journey throughout the website, and streamline their online sales funnel to maximise conversions.”


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PostedTuesday, 12 January 2016