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Senior Digital Designer Opportunity


Our Adelaide based agency is looking for a Senior Digital Design Professional with advanced User Experience (UX) and Responsive Website Interface Design expertise. 

The Digital Embassy™(www.thedigitalembassy.co) is a Multi-Award Winning, Google Partner and Microsoft Certified Agency leading clients through the digital experience. 

The Role

Our Adelaide based agency is looking for a Senior Digital Design Professional with advanced User Experience (UX) and Responsive Website Interface Design expertise. As part of the this role the successful applicant will need to demonstrate a high level of competency in Website, Mobile and Application Design, Information Architecture (IA), Wireframe and Prototype Concept Design, Content and Branding. Skills such as HTML, CSS, Visual Effects, Video Editing, Copywriting and Photography while not essential will also be desirable. 

As a valuable member of our team you will be required to draw from your industry experience to produce work to a standard that will elevate, inspire and drive value for our customers.

You will work closely with our Solutions Architect, Developers, Marketers, Project Managers and Customers to deliver services which are complimentary to your existing skill set, however you will still have the desire to adapt and embrace new skills.

Your role includes a requirement for creative concept pitching and project planning so strong communication and interpersonal skills are essential. You will be involved in projects from the beginning (workshop stage, project scoping, estimating, etc.) to their completion including quality assurance and handover of all deliverables.

It is crucial to the position that you be an effective and conscientious team player that takes pride and ownership in their work, representing the agency at all times. You will need to work collaboratively with your peers to deliver the best outcome possible for our customers. You can, and will also have the opportunity to perform other research and development activities as required.

To fulfil this position you will be required to take on the role of knowledge leader in the space of all things digital design and UX. During your employment you must continue to demonstrate initiative, leadership and adhere to the company's policies and procedures.

Annual salary package offered will be relative to experience.

If this description sounds like you, please upload your resume and covering letter to the careers section of The Digital Embassy™ website.


About The Digital Embassy

The Digital Embassy is an Australian Certified, multi award winning digital agency whose mission is to lead our clients through the digital experience. We educate and inspire our clients through industry best practice to create websites, mobile apps, custom software, search engine optimisation and AdWords campaigns that generate a measurable return on investment as well as align with broader business objectives. The Digital Embassy™ is a pre-qualified ICT service provider for Government in SA, VIC and NSW.

The Digital Embassy

AuthorThe Digital Embassy

The Digital Embassy™ is a Multi-Award Winning, Australian Google and Microsoft Certified Partner transforming digital business.

PostedTuesday, 1 December 2015