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SuperFriend Website Audit


One of our many services on offer is a website audit. We look at how your current website performs before we recommend any revisions.



SuperFriend is a nationwide health promotion foundation that helps ‘all profit to member’ superannuation funds to promote and support improved mental health and wellbeing for their members, through the workplace. 

Created by the Industry Funds Forum, SuperFriend collaborates with industry superannuation funds, group life insurers and the mental health sector to facilitate targeted workplace mental health and wellbeing initiatives for members of these funds.


SuperFriend engaged The Digital Embassy to undertake a Website and Communications Audit of their current website to analyse its current state and provide insights and recommendations going forward with a redevelopment of a new website

The following topics were determined as the most appropriate topics to base the audit around: 

• Look and Feel
• Navigation
• Content Structure
• Mobile Experience
• Multimedia
• Functionality
• Accessibility
• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
• Sales and Lead Generation
• E-Communication Methodology
• Social Media • Digital Advertising


The Audit Topics were split between the four key staff of The Digital Embassy whos job roles matched the various topics for the Audit. Each staff member conducted their website audit independently and supplied their findings as individual documents. 

The Project Manager for the Audit then read and combined the findings into one master document and produced recommendations on various tasks to improve those topics where the SuperFriend website was either lacking or could benefit from enhancements. 

Each topic was given it’s own section in the report with an overview, insights and strategies moving forward allowing the client to gain a clear understanding of each topic and the recommended improvements linking to the insights. 

With the Audit of the existing site now complete and the recommendations taken on board, the next phase in the project is the website redevelopment which is Scheduled to begin initial discussions in early 2016. 

Off the success of the website audit, SuperFriend has also commissioned The Digital Embassy to undertake website developments for the Victorian Workplace Mental Wellbeing Collaboration as well as a new landing page for SuperFriend.

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PostedMonday, 14 December 2015