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The end could be nigh for Adobe Flash


Google is about to stop allowing adverts for Double Click and Google Display Network to be created in Adobe Flash.

Since the dawn of time....well, since the dawn of animated display advertising, Adobe Flash has been the main application for creating such animated advertising that you would have seen on many commercial webpages like news services or across the Google network.

It would seem that all that is about to change. Apple started the ball rolling years ago when they introduced the first iPhone. They stopped any Flash created product from displaying on their mobile and tablet devices and banned any developer from creating any product being used on their devices from running Flash. In July last year we wrote about how Mozilla had banished Adobe Flash from its Firefox browser and that the app's fate appeared bound to PCs only.

Now Google have announced that from the new financial year, their AdWords and DoubleClick advertising services would no longer allow Flash based files to upload - meaning that more common best practices of today's digital age will have to be adopted in creating these files in future (such as HTML5).

Even Adobe have conceded that the Flash application needs to change and they have announced that their "Flash Professional CC" app is being upgraded to "Animate CC" incorporating building in HTML5 (whilst maintaining a legacy Flash builder as well). They are also releasing video players for HTML5 in support of the newer standard. 

This is a welcome step in evolving display advertising to the current standards in technology, removing the vulnerabilities that existed in Flash and moving forward with delivering exceptional content.

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PostedMonday, 15 February 2016