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Vandalism - Glass isn't the only thing that breaks.


Hackers are finding more creative ways to break websites or use them to spread malicious malware.

Cyber attacks on digital assets like websites are just one form of vandalism that you don’t necessarily see coming until its too late. Hackers are finding more creative ways to break sites or use them to spread malicious malware to other websites, computers and networks.

Why would someone hack my site ? There are many reasons.

For some businesses, they are simply a target as a representation of something others don’t believe in. You can be targeted because you are commercial, because you offer a product that is deemed inappropriate to someone else (whether it is or not) or possibly just because your writing style isn’t appreciated. It may even be random selection.

Some hackers don’t just want to take down a site in general, but want to use their backdoor access to inflict broader attacks on other contacts and servers linked through your website.

There are many hackers that need a ‘base of operation’ in order to download malware like viruses, trojans and other hidden programs and codes that can inflict harm on systems around the world that would, when traced back, only lead to your website.

Then there are just the people who do it for kicks. These people are either learning how to hack so have chosen your website to ‘practice’ on or want to simply add your site to their growing list of “look what I can do” conquests.

Whatever the reason, your digital assets can be vulnerable if not protected and backed up for easy recovery should a hack occur. How many users that have access to your website’s CMS, what passwords are used (strength and frequency of change) and other procedures can be put in place to help minimise the risk of getting hacked. Choosing the right hosting environment and having suitable back up plans will also allow you to get back up on your feet in a faster manner should the worst happen.

By doing everything in your power to make it hard for people to attack your systems, you are safeguarding your digital assets and helping minimise the damage cyber attacks can inflict on the greater community.

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The Digital Embassy™ is a Multi-Award Winning, Australian Google and Microsoft Certified Partner transforming digital business.

PostedWednesday, 18 November 2015