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What does your logo colour say about your brand?


The colours you choose for your brand do more than just look pretty. Choose wisely.

Colour plays an important part of your brand's tonality and therefore the 'mood' of the messages you try to convey to consumers.

If you choose your brand's colour scheme based on your favourite colours (yes, many people do this), you run the risk of missing your target market or not accurately conveying what your brand stands for.

Different colours are reflective of different moods but also have conflicting meanings in other cultures. For example, red in the finance or general business sector is usually a no-no and generally means danger or deficit but if you are working closely in the Chinese market, red is a symbol of strength and power. It can also display passion, energy and of course love. It is all relative to the market you are associated to. 

Blue is calm and stable. Black is sophisticated, luxurious and powerful. Yellow and purple are both playful and fun, creative colours and brown or green often relates to the earth and therefore environmental, fresh and calming.

Sometimes it can be subtle, but if you are trying to create a playful and fun brand (for a children's service as an example), choosing red and/or black as your dominant colours with subliminally alienate your brand from the intended market.

Of course, you can buck the trend. There is more to building a brand than picking the appropriate colour. There have been many cases of a brand's colour palette not conforming to these standard guides (Westpac and NAB as banks both hero red) - but you will need to spend far greater time changing the obvious perceptions on your brand to create the tonality that you want users to understand.

The Digital Embassy are Brand Advocates and understand tonality and continuity of a brands makeup. We can help design logos and discuss tonality across not just your digital footprint, but your greater brand collateral as well. Begin a conversation today and we can help build your brand from the ground up.

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PostedThursday, 25 February 2016