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Window Shield Australia: A Case Study


Window Shield Australia is an SA based company offering an innovative range of products to commercial and residential clients. Their new website has been designed to improve their visitor’s online experience and increase online lead generation.

The Brief

Window Shield required a redevelopment of their website using a responsive framework to reach mobile consumers and provide a richer experience to their audience. The new website design features a contemporary look and feel, improved interactivity and sharing via social media. A content strategy was also adopted to help increase online lead generation and conversions for the company.

The Project

The website has been developed by The Digital Embassy to address the unique needs of Window Shield’s Commercial and Residential clients. The website design incorporates video content from their TVC campaign as well as featuring dedicated landing pages for the four main product categories that have been targeted for use in future digital marketing campaigns.

A well-structured content strategy has been implemented to increase online lead generation by providing the visitor with the information resources they seek and then guide them towards conversion via an online enquiry or phone call. Window Shield have set themselves apart from their competitors by establishing themselves as a go-to source for information within the industry. The website is a reflection of this, acting as an information hub for Window Shield’s visitors, featuring detailed product PDF’s downloads and videos.


Final Words

The final product delivered by The Digital Embassy is a simple, modern, mobile compatible website designed for use within a broad digital marketing campaign while addressing the needs of Window Shield’s visitors. The WordPress CMS gives Window Shield the ability to easily manage their content as their product and service offerings expand evolve.

Client Statement - "We love our new website that The Digital Embassy have just finished designing for us. Thanks to the team for providing us with what I see is a great result and we look forward to building our relationship with you further."

Ian & Jodie Sims - Window Shield Australia

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About the Digital Embassy

The Digital Embassy™ is an Australian Certified Digital Agency leading clients through the digital experience. Our core competencies lie in Digital Strategy, Responsive Website Design, Mobile App Development, Content Marketing and Production, Inbound Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), AdWords campaigns, Web Hosting, Education and Training.

These attributes allow us to educate our clients on industry best practice and develop highly engaging digital assets and lead generation channels that deliver a measurable Return on Investment (ROI). 

The Digital Embassy™ is a Microsoft and Google Certified Partner, and a pre-qualified ICT service provider for Government in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.


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PostedTuesday, 17 November 2015