3 Important Steps for Marketing Automation in Kentico Xperience

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Update: This blog post has been reviewed and edited since the launch of Kentico Xperience in May 2020.


Automating your digital marketing efforts is a great way score your leads and nurture your clients while saving time and money!

Like most things, marketing automation is what you make it. At the very least, it makes a marketer’s job easier. At the most, it allows marketers to build upon their strategy and scale up their efforts.

Whatever your goals are, generating more leads and having more time to test and optimise should be a part of every marketer’s strategy.


Why choose Kentico Xperience?

A renowned DXP worldwide, Kentico Xperience offers a powerful, all-in-one solution for managing the online customer experience as part of your marketing strategy.

Intuitive, built-in features empower marketers to run multi-faceted strategies and campaigns with ease from the one platform.

In this article, we’re focusing on three important steps to achieving practical and useful marketing automation with Kentico. Within the Kentico Xperience platform, marketers can set up lead scoring and lead nurturing processes to enhance lead generation. They can also test and optimise everything as they go to ensure maximum effectiveness.


1. Lead scoring

Lead scoring is the process of sorting leads into categories depending on how likely they are to buy. It is used as a way of qualifying and prioritising leads.

The lead scoring process can be used to determine where a potential customer is in the sales journey so that you can tailor your digital marketing efforts to their specific needs.

In order to score your leads, you need to do some research into what your ideal lead looks like. This includes coming up with a demographic profile and behavioural criteria.

Your ideal demographic profile could include data such as age, role, company size, industry and location. This information can reveal how well the lead fits with your business.

Behavioural criteria is specific to the touch points your website, or other digital marketing efforts your company offers. These could include actions like opening a certain number of emails; completing a form; viewing the website multiple times within a certain number of days; or viewing a certain page within your website. Depending on how a lead engages with your business, you can determine how close they are to a sale.

After your initial research, lead scoring involves assigning points to certain demographic traits and behavioural criteria depending on their importance. Points should be distributed to criteria according to the role it plays in conversion. The more important the criteria, the more points a lead is assigned.

Lastly, lead categories are created with different point thresholds. Commonly, leads are separated into three distinct categories: cold, warm and hot.

To qualify for a category, a lead must score that category’s assigned number of points. For example, you could create a system where scoring up to 30 points means the lead is cold, over 50 points means warm, and over 70 points means hot.

Marketing and sales teams working hand in hand can establish a useful point distribution scheme and category system. Then, Kentico Xperience will automatically categorise your leads in real time. The sales team can use this information to make the best use of their time by contacting hot leads.

Find out more about lead scoring here.

You can also assign negative points to your leads.


2. Lead nurturing

Scoring leads is a great way to make your sales team more efficient. But for marketing automation purposes, it only tells you where a lead is at now. What we are interested in is how we can help them progress.

Lead nurturing is the next step in the marketing automation process. The focus is on developing the relationship with the lead and providing them with relevant information at every step of their journey. With effective lead nurturing, you will see your leads progress through the categories, from cold to hot.

No two leads are the same, but by creating a range of marketing automation workflows you can present leads with the information that is most relevant to their journey. This is why your content digital marketing strategy plays a key role in lead nurturing.

Your marketing automation workflows can be created in Kentico Xperience, and tailored specifically to your business. Examples of common marketing workflows include sending follow up emails and discount codes after content is downloaded, or reminding consumers of abandoned shopping cart items.

You can find more examples of marketing automation here.


3. Testing and optimising

The last step to effective marketing automation is testing and optimising. Once your workflows are up and running, and busy generating you leads, you can start refining your strategy.

Continual improvement is critical for success. Just because something is working now does not mean it will remain effective over time. Additionally, if you’re anything like us, you won’t be satisfied unless you’re continually getting better results.

By analysing data, you can determine which lead nurturing strategies work best and eliminate the guesswork. The key here is to compare campaign performance metrics (email opens, content downloads, forms filled etc.) to your benchmarks to determine what is underperforming.

When you find the areas you want to improve, you can begin to test and optimise. Within the Kentico Xperience platform, you can perform A/B testing on your emails, as well as A/B and MVT testing on your landing pages.

Kentico Xperience websites allow you to test variations of landing pages and emails as necessary, view results and analyse data all from one place. With easy-to-use functionality at your fingertips, marketers are able to make and test all the changes they need to fully optimise every aspect of their marketing automation.


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