4 Simple & Effective Content Planning Tips for 2015

Tuesday, 13 January 2015  |  Posted in: Articles  |  4min read

If you have been feeling overrun by the sheer volume of content that needs to be managed and created for your website and social media, rest assured we have four simple and effective content planning tips to see you though in 2015!


Tip 1. Social Media Strategy – Make it relevant to your business goals.

Your social media strategy should align with your business goals and identify which social media platforms should be used to reach them. Some of these goals will be unique to your business but there are a few universal goals that will be included in most strategies; increasing brand awareness, attracting and retaining customers and reducing marketing costs.

Depending on the environment you operate in you will need to evaluate your strategy on a quarterly basis to make sure that your tactics are working as anticipated, however some businesses with a large social media profile may need to review their strategies more frequently.

Your social media strategy should identify the demographics of your target audience allowing you to get your message in front of the people who want to hear it. Conduct research to evaluate what platforms your customers are using and concentrate your efforts on these. Be aware of what your competitors are doing and how the audience is responding to them and adjust your strategy accordingly. Your social media strategy recommends how often and when posts should be made. It should also identify the “voice” that needs be applied consistently across each of your platforms.


Tip 2. Social Media Policy – Create a framework for best practice and appropriateness.

Your social media policy can either stand alone or as part of your social media strategy. Your social media policy gives staff a framework for how they are expected to behave on social media. It will also outline plans for how to deal with negative comments/posts when they occur.

Your policy should also outline copyright and ensuring the appropriate authorisation has been given before publishing and that confidential and proprietary information is not being disclosed, which will ensure that your content is safe for commercial use. Whenever using content sourced from a third party, for example photographs to be shared on your social media sites or as a blog illustration, check that the content you have selected has been made available for such use through Creative Commons. Also make sure the work is correctly attributed according to the requirements of the Creative Commons license that has been applied by the original creator. Implementing a social media policy will give your staff the confidence to use social media in the desired way to promote your brand.


Tip 3. Content Calendar – Plan your content and who will be responsible.

Your content calendar is a schedule of what content is going to be published and when, the platforms on which the content will be distributed and who is going to be responsible for creating and publishing the content.

Your calendar means you never miss the opportunity to post content that is date specific like seasonal holidays, specials, product releases or campaign launches, and allows you to plan your other content around these important dates. Planning your content allows time for research and the production of quality content.


Tip 4. Analytical Reports – Continually track and measure your engagement.

Spend a few hours each month preparing an analytics report using tools such as Google Analytics that enable you to track how your website is performing: check what pages your customers are visiting, how many pages they are visiting, how long they are on your site and bounce rates. You can also check what kind of devices they are using to visit your site and by using Google Webmaster Tools, you can review the keywords that they are using to get there. Analytic reports are essential as they allow problems to be identified and solutions implemented.

Investing time now into the creation of a social media strategy, policy and a content calendar combined with Analytic reporting will get your website and social media content under control for 2015.

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