4 tips to building strong branding on your blog

Wednesday, 26 March 2014  |  Posted in: Articles  |  2min read

It is becoming ever more apparent that consumers prefer to work with a business that has a strong social presence. Blogging is the perfect vehicle for this – it’s a tap on the shoulder, a raise of an eyebrow or ideally an eye opening and newly engaging experience for your audience.

So why not begin your success now!


Here are a few engaging points when considering your leap into the online blogging community:


Tip 1:

Be consistent with your branding and met the expectations of your audience. Go above and beyond to deliver what they want to read, see and experience most. Showcase your content; add value with tips, tricks and ideas where possible.


Tip 2:

Try and mix up your media but always be aware of your brand when designing your blog. Consider using photography or brand imagery to draw in your readers and strengthen your brand position. You want to create a more personable and relatable experience for your readers – this is what’s called blog aesthetics.


Tip 3:

Make it easy to read and punchy – When you are blogging for your business, take in people’s short attention span. Keep in mind subtle shifts in language can conjure up and entirely different experience. Be clever and most of all be memorable.


Tip 4:

Last but definitely not least, understand who you are and who your target audience is – humanise your blog and stay true to your brand. Showcase yourself as you are – let people identify with you. You may try to weave in a theme, keeping in mind blogs should add value before selling.

Blogging is a powerful medium for you, your brand and your consumers. You want to inspire people to interact with you brand, by giving it a voice. You’re not only steering the content but you are creating value-blogging that the market will actually want to read. Ultimately, you your blog will gain momentum with exposure, engage your customers and growing your business reach.

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