5 Google features you’re not using, but should be

Friday, 9 May 2014  |  Posted in: Articles  |  2min read

In 2013, Google had over 2 trillion annual searches, which is approximately 6 billion searches per day.

Check out these 5 useful features that can improve your Google search:


1. Discover Local Businesses

Localising search engine results is a huge priority for Google. Search results now start to differ depending where you’re located, and what your search history can show, especially when searching via mobile. Try this out by typing in “where is the best pizza” or “top pizza Adelaide CBD”, it will even show Google Reviews by others to make your choices easier.


2. Find Related Pages

Type “related:https://www.yourwebsiteaddress.com/” to see sites related to your desired website. Maximise your results by adding keywords to the end of the search term.


3. Reverse Image Search

Found the perfect image but need to find it in a larger size? Google’s “Search By Image” is your answer. Upload the image from your computer to the search box or enter in the original images URL on images.google.com and let Google do the work – simple!


4. Convert Currencies

Simply typing “AUD to USD” will show the current exchange rate, and even allow you to enter in the particular amount you wish to convert. Don’t take it as gospel however, use it as a quick convert – especially handy for when you’re overseas!


 5. Get Definitions

Enterting “define (word)” brings up a quick and simple dictionary which will define what word you’re after, and even provide synonyms and antonyms. Get creative and try phrases or even your favourite movies.

Get searching!

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