5 Tips for Keeping Your Cross Channel Content Consistent

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In the digital world, content is far more than just text on a page. It has the power to represent who you are as a business and evoke emotions that generate planned and predictable responses from your audience. The images and phrases used as part of your content marketing efforts can provide the insight your audience needs to engage with and build trust in your brand.

While many business owners know their brand from the inside out, there may be several people within an organisation that contribute toward delivering brand experiences and messaging on behalf of the company. Without a content strategy that caters to managing content delivery across different platforms, having multiple content contributors can lead to difficulties in maintaining brand continuity.

The following 5 tips should be considered as part of your content strategy mix to help maintain a consistent market approach and avoid brand confusion.


Understanding your voice, tone and overall message

Just like the language you use, the tone in which you deliver your message is just as important for brand continuity. The tone of your content provides a style to the words associated with your brand.

Having a clearly established tone of voice can improve the ability for you and your team to easily create and maintain consistent brand identity. So by keeping consistent with the impression that you leave with your audience, you will build a relationship between your brand and its customers.

The adoption of a definitive language style can inspire action through evocative and relatable messaging around your service and identity. Whether the personality of your brand is considered to be conversational, educational, authoritative, or professional – when it comes to content, it really is all about the experience it creates.

Ultimately you want to ensure your terminology is evocative and synonymous with your brand identity, to result in a desirable outcome for potential clients. The clearer you define the goal behind content creation, the easier it will be to remain consistently on-brand with its delivery across various channels.


Harnessing differences and ideologies

Based on the ideologies and service offerings or website content of competitors, most brands have recognised what they value that sets them apart. There is a reason you have adopted these principles – highlighting the difference between you and your competitors not only attracts new clients, but reinforces why existing clients chose you to begin with.

By staying true to your ideologies and tailoring your content around issues in which you differ from your competition, you will facilitate the selection of more relevant and valuable content topics while further enhancing your brand values and depth of service.


Content topics for regular posting

Content marketing is a valuable digital marketing tool in acquiring and engaging your desired audience, whilst helping increase your online visibility. However, with a rich variety of platforms available for posting, you can run the risk of posting an update just to be seen or heard.

More important than frequency, is the relevancy of your post. Does it further enhance your service? Is it valuable information surrounding product information? Does it have an aspirational or inspirational quality that aligns with a product or service offering?

Focusing on these elements will exhibit that you aren’t solely trying to sell your service, but highlighting what it offers. For example, rather than fixating on the discounted price of a product, promote the quality of life improvement that it can provide through supportive material such as case studies or product reviews.

Don’t get caught up in the need to satisfy a social media presence – follow a quality over quantity approach for all content topics. Consider a variety of content types, from traditional blogs to reports, videos, how to guides and cheat sheets.


Writing across other digital channels

Content arrangement on your website is often catered toward optimum search engine performance, presentation of information on different devices, and the overall user experience.

Remember that social media content is a social experience. The more conversational and interesting you are, the greater engagement you will have with your audience. It is important that your brand’s voice remains consistent – even across different digital platforms, but it is what you say and how you say it that makes the difference.

Stay true to the values that make your brand what it is, but find a middle ground between building a connection and providing information.


Cater to each channel

Many businesses juggle multiple social media channels, whilst also producing regular eDM’s and newsletters. Often the content produced is relevant to promotion across all platforms, but requires an individual approach to introduction and sharing.

As an example, the nature of the audience and its interests for LinkedIn is dramatically different to that of Twitter or Facebook. Varying the message to cater to these differences not only maximizes engagement on your social media channels, it reduces the chance of discouraging your audience from following you across more than one channel.

Some content topics and subjects are not suited to all channels, so understanding your audience will help define what content is appropriate and engaging when developing your social media strategies.


Help with Content Strategy

The Digital Embassy offers content strategy, planning and copywriting services that assist with the brand communication, advertising and marketing requirements of all our digital efforts. Our content marketing professionals can implement communication and social initiatives, creating more engaging experiences for your audience that lead to better business outcomes.

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