7 High Impact Investments to Make with Your EOFY Marketing Budget

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If you’re yet to spend your full marketing budget this financial year, right about now you might be looking into the best ways you can invest your last few dollars.

Whether digital investment has been a priority for you this year or you covered your bases long ago, chances are that you could benefit from taking a look at least a few things on this list.

EOFY is a great time to take a step back and review where you’re headed. We’ve put together a list of seven impactful ways you can invest the remainder of your budget with your digital agency to get you started.

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1. Fully Integrate Your Marketing Automation

Automating marketing can encompass everything from website personalisation and email marketing through to digital display advertisements. A fully integrated marketing solution opens up a world of new multichannel possibilities.

Marketing automation software reduces the need for repetitive, time consuming tasks and allows for far more creative and high-level strategies for your marketing department.

Sales teams can also greatly benefit from automation. Your automation process can be configured to notify the sales team when leads reach certain stages of a qualifying process, so they know exactly when to get in touch. You can even integrate an automated lead scoring process so that your efforts can be concentrated on qualified leads.



2. Consult With a Digital Strategist About Your Bigger Picture

We recommend regularly reviewing and updating your digital strategy to keep up with emerging technologies and online trends. Consulting with a web agency Digital Strategist can give you clarity and direction, ensuring that your efforts are placed in the best online avenues so that you can see tangible results.

A successful digital strategy is built around business objectives. Our consultants have years of experience crafting and refining objectives-based digital strategies for government and corporate organisations across a variety of industries.

When you have a clear digital strategy in place, patchwork processes are eliminated. Instead, you see all your digital platforms and technologies coming together as part of a bigger picture.


3. Integrate New eCommerce Payment Options

Reduce shopping cart abandonment rates by introducing additional payment integrations, giving consumers greater choice.

Convenience is one of the main reasons people turn to online shopping, so it is important to make the checkout process as smooth and convenient as possible. Integrating a variety of familiar payment methods is one way to give more choice and convenience to consumers.

Popular payment integrations (such as PayPal and Afterpay) allow customers to purchase from your site in a matter of clicks, making their journey more convenient and decreasing the chance of cart abandonment.




4. Update Your Website’s CMS to Secure Your Platform

The software that powers your website back-end is the gatekeeper to your brand’s digital presence. Your website’s platform or CMS (Content Management System) is what allows you to create, modify, and manage your website content quickly and easily.

This critical part of your digital strategy needs to be updated regularly, just like any other digital technology.

The primary reason to keep your CMS up-to-date is for security purposes. Updates address any bugs or other technical issues that could make your website vulnerable. This is especially important to stay on top of if your website stores any sensitive data.

CMS platforms are constantly being improved, and updating yours can provide you with greater functionalities to play around with. Recently, we have seen a lot of exciting developments for users of both WordPress and Kentico Xperience.


5. Innovate With a Website Testing Environment

A Sandpit Site acts as your own private website testing environment. It lets you make and review all changes you want, safely and securely, on a private replica of your site.

This testing environment helps you to get better results from your live site. You can try out new ideas to improve your digital marketing, web design, and other functionalities.

Testing ideas in your Sandpit Site, rather than your live website, means that your professionalism and reliability will remain intact. You can be confident that everything your users see is already tried and tested. Additionally, Sandpit Sites empower people to try out experimental ideas free from negative consequences, helping organisations foster a culture of innovation.



6. Optimise Your Paid Search Advertising

If you’re looking for immediate ROI from your EOFY spend, you should consider investing some of your budget in optimised paid search advertising.

Paid search ads can boost your website’s visibility on search engines, sending more traffic to your site and ultimately increasing sales. Advertising on search engines allows you to appear in prime page real-estate for specific search queries, while targeting specific audiences.

If getting leads from search engines is a big part of your digital strategy, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the best result every time. Engaging a digital professional to optimise your paid search ads will ensure that every dollar you spend on search goes further.


7. Connect to Your Audience With a Content Strategy

Having a content strategy is critical as it directs all of your communication with your audience. It aligns your business’ goals with your audience’s interests to better connect with them.

Implementing a content strategy can help you to refine your brand’s direction and ensure that your efforts create value for both you and your customers.

A thorough content strategy workshop will provide insights along with actionable steps. These can help your marketing team save time and better connect with your customers.

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