Amazon is Coming… is Your Website Ready?

Monday, 20 November 2017  |  Posted in: Articles, Most Recent  |  2min read

ONLINE giant Amazon have announced they will be launching their ‘Marketplace’ offering in Australia ‘really soon’.

The ‘Marketplace’ model is Amazon’s third-party retailers who manage all steps of the buying process, while their dominant retail model is the e-commerce giant managing all steps of the buying process.

The ‘Marketplace’ model will allow Australian stores to list products for sale on Amazon’s website, much like eBay, but Amazon will charge $49.95 plus GST per month, plus a commission of 6-15 percent depending on the product category.

The good news is that WordPress websites using WooCommerce will be able to immediately benefit from this. Store owners will be able to export their existing product feed data to Amazon – based on a schedule which will ensure that the data remains in sync.

Therefore, when you have a sale on your WooCommerce store, the product quantity will be decreased from the Amazon stock. This is also important as it helps maintain a healthy Amazon-seller status.

Before selling on Amazon, is it important to keep in mind that Amazon uses a number of metrics to rank sellers. These include price, seller rating and shipping performance. In the US, Amazon encourages sellers to use their “Fulfilled by Amazon” program.

WooCommerce also offers integrations with eBay, Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

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