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Tuesday, 2 June 2015  |  Posted in: Articles  |  3min read

Is your brand tonality hitting the right note with consumers?

How your various communications ‘speak’ to a consumer relate directly to your brand and the tonality or perceived language a consumer will attribute to that brand. Friendly, aggressive, to the point, long winded, quality, cheap, playful or spin can all be conveyed through the language used and the designs implemented.

Where the waters are often muddied is when there are so many communication channels and more than one person responsible for the ‘communicating’. Often, Brand Style Guides do not contain sections on tonality so different peoples moods, writing styles and designs can influence how your brand is perceived.

This tonality isn’t just reserved for copywriting and imagery. It relates to everything that is communicated: Logos, colours, typefaces, imagery, uniforms, correspondence (emails & letters) and staff personas – even handshakes and smiles. No matter what the channel is, your brand is being represented in every aspect.

Websites, for example, are often the forgotten channel in brand communication consistency. Functionality and desire to present large amounts of content from multiple sources can often lead to fragmented tonality and leave the consumer confused about what your brand stands for. It’s important to balance these elements so that you can not only:

  • Communicate everything you need to in order to meet your business objectives and influence a consumer to take your call to action.
  • Give the user a pleasurable experience on your website by making the functionality smooth and adopting good workflow; BUT:
  • You also need to ensure that ALL content is utilising the same tonality.


Consistent tonality achieves 2 things:

  1. It confirms to the consumer the tone of your brand so they know what you stand for and your methodology/approach.
  2. It gives the consumer confidence that the information you are presenting is ‘owned’ by your brand and not pieced together from other businesses that may be less credible or unknown to the consumer.

It gets down to trust and understanding between a brand and the consumer. Do they know you, therefore trust you? If that relationship is muddied by inconsistencies in your brand’s tonality, you risk conveying the wrong message and losing consumer confidence.

The Digital Embassy has content workshops and procedures to help ensure that the correct content and tonality is used through your digital channels. If you are unsure where to begin, let’s have a chat and work through it together.

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