Branding or Sales Leads: The great divide

Thursday, 8 October 2015  |  Posted in: Articles  |  3min read

There is no doubt that as a medium, digital is by far the most quantifiable and trackable of the communication mediums. We can track where a user has come from, how long they view your message, where they go next and even follow them around the landscape showing them information about where they have been or what they viewed. We can learn much about who they are and what behaviours they exhibit.

With all this information at our disposal, it is easy to fall into the trap of only communicating below the line messages designed to generate leads or convert to sale. We know so much about our audience that tailoring our messages is key to lead generation and potential sales conversion. At the end of the day, sales conversion, no matter what the product offering, is what turns the wheel.

The question often forgotten is…


does the consumer know enough about the brand to accept the interaction?


Brand awareness is equally as important in the sales process as the actual product offering.

In order to become a trusted brand in the eyes of a consumer, they need to understand what the business/product stands for and get a feel for the way it is communicated. Nike is a great example of how they sell a brand. It feels like less than half of their communications are sales based. Many adverts have no price points or call to actions – just aspirational advertising linking a better way of life to their brand. As a consumer, we tie that lifestyle to their apparel so when we do see a communication piece that shows an offer or a call to action, we know, trust and possibly even already desire the product before we are offered that final incentive to purchase.

To be successful, a brand needs both halves of the pie – above the line branding and below the line selling. To quote Ryan Lee from Mechanica “lead generation is the ground troops of the marketing plan moving the front line forward, branding is the air cover to support that movement”. Without that air cover, our troops don’t stand much of a chance in the war of brands.

When considering communications campaigns, The Digital Embassy runs both strategic workshops and content planning sessions. Whether for websites or other digital communications, understanding the landscape, brand perception, competitors and business goals will help determine whether branding needs the most attention, offer based communications will be well received or what mix/balance is required to deliver those measurable outcomes that keep that wheel turning.

Branding is about being retained in a consumers mind. Lead generation is about selling products. The two are in a symbiotic relationship. A communication ‘yin and yang’ if you like.

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