CONSUL™ Framework Update for WordPress

Friday, 2 November 2018  |  Posted in: News  |  4min read

CONSUL™ represents the latest update of The Digital Embassy’s custom CMS framework built for our ‘WordPress for Business’ service. Originally developed in-house back in 2015 by our development engineers, this latest update to the CMS framework takes WordPress to even greater heights. CONSUL™ makes significant enhancements to the platform’s security, functionality and user experience.

The previous ‘WordPress for Business’ CMS offering was renowned for its commercial advantages to security and functionality over the standard WordPress CMS. Our CONSUL™ framework further extends these capabilities, improving platform hardening, performance and speed. CONSUL™’s advanced editing tools also provide greater levels of customisation, placing the user at the heart of the experience.


What is CONSUL™?

CONSUL™ is a CMS framework that enhances WordPress functionality, ease of maintenance, platform speed and security for advanced business purposes. CONSUL™ extends WordPress’ acclaimed user centric features within an all-new system architecture. In combination with our hosting, ‘WordPress for Business’ offers a significantly more customisable and robust CMS, providing improved platform hardening, speed and application performance.


CONSUL™ Framework Features

The CONSUL™ framework provides users with additional tools and functionality, providing them with greater levels of customisation than ever before. Some of the new standout features of the CONSUL™ framework include:


Page Layout Customisation

Advanced page layout options provide greater control over website appearance and content.

Different content types can be inserted into columns on a page as required. The number, width and alignment of these columns can be customised, giving greater control over page layout.

Reusable content blocks can be easily created and customised with drag and drop functionality. Our customisable content block templates that have been specifically designed for advanced business purposes include:

  • Responsive Tables
  • Forms
  • Testimonials
  • Staff Listings
  • Products


Image Customisation

Responsive image support simplifies media uploading by automatically compressing images to the desired size. This allows the administrator to customise image sizes while ensuring optimal page loading speeds for website users. Additionally, the gradient and opacity of header images can be easily adjusted to create images of appropriate visual strength.


Menu System Options

New menu system options including grid and column layouts allow for greater customisation of site appearance with minimal development required. This allows even greater control over navigation pathways and potential user journeys.


Form Builder Tool

This new tool enables the simple development of custom forms, eliminating the need to engage a developer. The user-friendly interface provides the ability to configure form layouts and choose between standard fields. The Form Builder is designed to easily incorporate useful desired functionality including:

  • Payments
  • Multi-Part Forms
  • Progress Saving
  • Success Messages
  • Email Notifications
  • Email Direct Marketing Campaign Manager Integrations


eCommerce Integration

Out-of-the-Box integration with WooCommerce provides an extremely simple solution for eCommerce. Product templates have been preconfigured and are easily customisable from the user-friendly interface. Additionally, integration of WooCommerce with our advanced monitoring system provides the ultimate enterprise-level protection for eCommerce.


Google Maps Integration

Google Maps integration provides the ideal functionality for displaying multiple locations on a map. The feature has been built with the ability to ‘focus’ on a location by panning to a pin. Pins can be customised to provide information such as address details and opening times.


GDPR Compliance

Permission granting pop-ups are preconfigured to appear by default, ensuring your business is GDPR compliant. These standard messages conform to regulation and are customisable if so required.

Our ‘WordPress for Business’ solution combines the benefits of CONSUL™ with the benefits of our hosting for the ultimate platform hardening protection.

When next developing your new business website on the WordPress CMS consider utilising CONSUL™ to safeguard and enhance its functionality. Talk to us at The Digital Embassy to learn how the CONSUL™ framework can make your website more robust and secure for advanced business purposes.

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