Containing your AdWords budget

Tuesday, 19 July 2016  |  Posted in: Articles  |  4min read

So, you are using Google AdWords, but the results of your campaign so far have been underwhelming at best, or terrible at worst. Your Click Through Rate (or CTR) is below 1% and you have very little, to no sales or leads to show for your efforts.

Don’t despair. We have a few useful insights to help you get the most out of your Google AdWords budget, and get your campaign (and business) singing.


Keywords are your first port of call

The very first place to look if your AdWords account is not performing, is your list of keywords. Avoid broad matching keywords if you wish to contain your campaign budget as this can give Google lots of latitude to spend your money, unless of course your keywords are very specific. Using keyword modifiers will go a long way to help you manage your campaign spend, while increasing your qualified traffic. Also, look for long tail keywords as they produce more qualified traffic, are less competitive and usually cost less to.


Tightly targeted Ad groups

Your campaign Ad grouping is another area that can create issues, which can ultimately increase your ad spend, with little to show for it. To avoid this, your Ad groups should be tightly targeted around a single theme. More is better – it’s typically better to have many Ad groups with fewer keywords in them, than fewer Ad groups with lots of keywords in each.


Ad text relevance and testing

Surprisingly, ad text is commonly overlooked in terms of its overall influence on campaign results. To effectively reach your potential customers, your ad text will need to be very specific and include your target keywords to keep it relevant to the search criteria used by your audience. For best results you must have tightly themed Ad groups, otherwise the keywords that you have incorporated within the ad text will not make sense, and seem irrelevant to the reader.

It is best practice to test many different versions of your ad text. We suggest trying to use different messages for each version that you create to see which ads get the optimal result. Google will rotate your ads and find the most successful examples, so you really have nothing to lose (other than time) by creating 3 to 4 or more different ads for each ad group.


Use Ad extensions to increase visibility and engagement

We cannot over state how important it is to use ad extensions as a part of any AdWords campaign. Ad extensions are a type of ad display format that shows additional information about your business, whether this is locations, contact numbers, or calls to action. The effective use of ad extensions gives your potential customers more reasons to click your ad and gives it more visibility on the search results page. Add as many quality ad extensions as you can to drive more engagement with your ads and see a better conversion rate.


Landing page optimization and quality score

The Landing page user and content experience is a key factor in determining quality score. If you have a low quality score, you will most certainly be paying more for your ads to achieve higher positions. To improve your landing page experience, make sure that it is fast to load, and easy to navigate. Your landings pages (and website) must be optimized for mobile users in order to not have your quality score penalized. Most importantly, always use original content and words on your landing page. This content must be based around the keywords in your ad campaign, it’s that simple. If the keywords match, make sense, are relevant and respond to the needs of your customers, then you are onto a winner.

Whether you are wanting to set up your first AdWords campaign, or you want to optimize an existing campaign, our team of qualified digital marketing professionals at The Digital Embassy can help you get the most out of AdWords.

Our team of Google Certified digital marketers are experts in using evidence based practices to optimize campaign performance and achieve the best results possible for your ad spend. Get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about how The Digital Embassy can help your business implement an AdWords campaign.

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