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Thursday, 5 March 2015  |  Posted in: Articles  |  2min read

Creating quality website content today is all about giving your audience an experience that they can relate to and want to share. If you, or your marketing people are still trying to manufacture content for search engines then you risk being left behind when it comes to attracting new business and improving your credibility and profile online.

Current consumer search trends, particularly on mobile devices, support the view that content which has been crafted to help real people solve real issues is favoured over content that isn’t. Search Engines like Google have responded by changing their algorithms to prioritise content aligned with its conversational search strategy in order to create a more natural search experience.

The following are just a few useful points that will help you create a quality content experience on your website:


Be trustworthy

Your website should feature original, fresh content. Fresh content ideas that you could consider include testimonials, biographies, industry news, thought leader articles and customer reviews. Provide links to high quality, reputable websites that may contain your own content and provide a link back to you.


Be authentic

Write and create content that is original and feels genuine. Research shows your target audience is much more likely to pay attention to your message if you say it ‘to them’ – rather than ‘at them’ – in a natural, human manner.


Be helpful

Most people search online when they are trying to solve a problem. If you are creating content which provides a unique perspective to a problem, and is valuable to your audience, then chances are you are onto a winning formula for greater engagement.


Be engaging

Use colour, imagery and video content where possible, but not in a way that distracts your reader or detracts from the message or points you are trying to make. Don’t forget to feature internal website links throughout your content and have a call to action which encourages further engagement and conversions.

For further information on best practice tips when creating quality content visit Google Webmaster Tools

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