Content Marketing. Is it the answer?

Tuesday, 5 January 2016  |  Posted in: Articles  |  2min read

All you have to do is put your product/service “out there” and people will find you, understand you, feel secure about dealing with you and purchase…….right ?

Customers are savvy creatures – and they’re becoming more savvy….savvier….full of savviness. They have access to 24/7 information about, well, pretty much anything. They have questions that need answers and they will find those answers – hopefully from your website.

The basis of content marketing is to supply reliable, valuable, relevant and consistent content that can attract an audience and through engagement and trust, eventually lead to a sales conversion.

How ?

Step one is the top of the funnel – pushing out content that can promote you and your business as a knowledge leader. Answer people’s questions without the ‘catch’ of selling them something. Show them that you are the “go-to” to solve their problems. This gains advocacy and trust – key components in a consumers purchase process. Effectively it’s brand (above the line) advertising/awareness vs straight selling (below the line).

Once you have brand advocates, the ability to show them the benefits of your products and services – and have them believe you – grows significantly.

Where Content Marketing differs from what is still called ‘traditional’ advertising is that you are answering that user question. They aren’t sitting at a bus stop and see an advert for your business or having their favourite movie interrupted by your commercial – they are actively seeking an answer to their question – and you can provide it. If your answers are reliable and helpful, that’s “brand building 101”.

The other, equally important side of the Content Marketing coin is the SEO advantages. Google is always on the look out for fresh content and knowledge leader stuff – if your website is delivering, you will be well rewarded with higher rankings in search.

People have questions, you have the answers they are looking for, Google puts you in their face, they appreciate the help, your brand benefits….well, you can see the chain of events unfolding.

Particularly if you are a yet-to-be-established brand or you are trying to re-invent yourself, Content Marketing is a great start to getting noticed and appreciated – the first steps to brand advocacy and sales conversions.

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