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' ' The Digital Embassy gives us confidence that the website is available for our clients and candidates 24/7. ' '

- Anita Harvey, Head of Brand & Marketing, Jobfit Health Group

The Digital Embassy has enjoyed a long partnership with Jobfit, the first piece of work being delivered nearly 8 years ago in 2012. Since then The Digital Embassy has been able to provide ongoing strategic, design and website development support, helping Jobfit fulfil its role as the leading national occupational healthcare provider.

The current version of the website was developed in late 2017. Since then, it has been subject to progressive updates to meet today’s business requirements. With future-proofing in mind, the website utilised scalable architecture designed to meet the following important goals:

  • better alignment of the website with business objectives,
  • transition to a new content management system,
  • development on a scalable framework to support future functionality,
  • integration of payment options, and
  • development of a custom office locator tool that provides an incredible amount of flexibility for displaying content and optimising it for appearance in search engine results.

In the sections below we have provided some information about some of the more recent work we have delivered since 2017 to further support Jobfit in our capacity as their long-term digital partner.

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The Jobfit website continues to be a big success.

Search performance significantly improved as did the number of users, page views and engagements per session, but this was just the start. With a new flexible foundation in place, the redeveloped website was able to support a continuous rollout of new functionality aimed at helping Jobfit pursue their goals and continue to occupy their position as a national leader.



Delivering a better forms experience

Jobfit enquiry formUsers of the Jobfit website interact with a lot of forms, so we helped make them better. The Digital Embassy developed a customised form solution that makes it easier for users filling out multiple forms on the website. All forms include conditional logic, ensuring that only the required fields are presented to the user, but also temporarily and securely store the information entered into each form. The stored form data is then recalled when the user interacts with another form, pre-filling with previously supplied information making it easier for the user and improving their experience.

For a client like Jobfit, forms are critically important and need to be fast, secure and deliver the best possible user experience, which is why they are a major focus of the work The Digital Embassy does to support Jobfit.


Fully customisable locations tool

With over 30 locations around the country, Jobfit required a Locations management tool they could maintain from within the website that helped users identify different locations. The Digital Embassy was able to go one better and created a template for locations that turned each location into its own landing page. These pages are dynamically built from content pulled from other parts of the website to limit the amount of content duplication and help users make a more local enquiry with the facility closest to them.
Jobfit locations tool

Our custom solution provides an easy solution for location management that uses existing content to build high performing landing pages specifically for users looking for local content.


Content Marketing

A key feature of the Jobfit website is MediManager, an advanced medical assessment booking and management tool. To support MediManager, The Digital Embassy has produced animated video content to help explain to users how to navigate and best use this tool.

Producing the video in-house from start to finish involved the writing of scripts, animation and sound editing as well as packaging and uploading the video so that it could be embedded securely on the Jobfit website.

As MediManager has evolved, so has the content supporting it with multiple versions of the video having now been produced.


Implementing a Digital Assistant

Following an observation that many similar questions were being received over the enquiry forms, The Digital Embassy embarked on a project to deliver a custom digital assistant, YourChatbot.

YourChatbot is a simple chatbot system that allows for a range of scripted options to be browsed by users to directly answer questions and navigate to content. It works particularly well as an alternative for a standard FAQ layout as users can easily navigate through questions to find out more about different topics on the website. As YourChatbot loads on top of the website and is present on every page it also acts as a powerful alternative navigation tool for users.

To make sure we understand how users are using YourChatbot we also developed a customised analytics configuration for Google Analytics that will store interactions with YourChatbot alongside all standard website analytics. This allows us to provide direct feedback on what sections are being clicked on the most and how people are navigating the website using the assistant tool.


Analytics and Review

As certified Google Analytics experts, The Digital Embassy puts a lot of thought into the monitoring of website activity. As part of every build we deploy our own customised analytics tracking, which is then further customised for every client and their website’s specific functions.

Jobfit was no different. Using a suite of Google tools The Digital Embassy has continued to update and improve the tracking on the Jobfit website as well as integrate a range of more advanced tracking customisations such as the creation of virtual page tracking to ensure we can understand how users use tools like YourChatbot.


Ongoing hosting and platform support

Custom solutions and new developments are fun but once delivered the solution needs to be maintained, we are proud to have been able to offer continuous service as a maintenance developer and hosting provider for Jobfit since the very first website was delivered in 2012.

We have monitored and supported every platform and plugin used by Jobfit making sure that the website is active and servicing their customers 24/7 for the last 8 years and we expect to continue partnering with them well into the future.

' ' The partnership Jobfit has with The Digital Embassy has evolved over the past 8 years from the initial website development, to more recent projects including a new digital assistant and content marketing. We value the skills and expertise The Digital Embassy team brings to our business, and appreciate their professionalism and responsiveness as our long-term digital partner. ' '

- Anita Harvey, Head of Brand & Marketing, Jobfit Health Group

A successful long-term partnership

With 8 continuous years of digital partnership, we are incredibly proud of the part we have played in the success of Jobfit as a national occupational healthcare provider. Our strong relationship has allowed the easy exchange of ideas that have resulted in strategic and data-backed custom website design and development aimed at understanding Jobfit’s users and delivering them an ever-improving experience.

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