How to Create Better Experiences for Your Customers Through Web Design

Thursday, 4 April 2019  |  Posted in: Articles  |  4min read

We come from the belief that good User Experience (UX) should focus on function. In other words, good web design should primarily relate to a website’s (or mobile application) intended purpose.

So you don’t have to read the entire ISO on good UX, we will be breaking down some of the most fundamental practices for good web design.

In this article, we will focus on the most important question to consider. What is a website’s intended function and purpose? Or more importantly; What problem are we trying to solve?


What is good (and bad) UX?

Whether you plan (or design) for it or not, every product created will generate an experience – either bad or good.

However, users tend to only notice bad UX. Bad UX happens when something works differently to how it’s expected, confusing the user, causing them to hesitate or repeat their actions. There are plenty of good examples of bad UX.  A great example of bad UX are poorly designed doors, there’s even a blog fully dedicated to it. Have you ever come across a door you pulled, only to find out it opens when you push it!?

On the other hand, good UX is meant to make our lives easier. It is meant to not make us think or need to read an operation manual before using a product (appropriately designed doors should not have a push or pull sign!). Good UX happens when we can use a product intuitively, when things fall naturally into place and make sense.

This is why good UX is sometimes unnoticeable by users – good UX is not meant to be noticed.



Good UX in Web Design

Good UX in web design shapes a website’s usability by designing for predictable human behaviour, perceptions and responses. By drawing on areas such as psychology, statistics and graphic design, we can create digital experiences that are pleasant, intuitive and hassle-free for users.

At its very basic, good UX means designing with the end result in mind. At the start of every custom web design and/or mobile application project, your UX strategy and design approach should be based around what the end use of the product will be. This will enable web designers to curate a better experience right from the start, as opposed to trying to retrofit a function as an afterthought, leading to a compromised result.

To help you on your journey for better UX, we’ve broken down one of the most important questions you can ask yourself at the start of a project.


Solving a problem

At the heart of every great solution lies a problem solved. Before seeking to gain an understanding of the product’s end use, we look to uncover and define the underlying problem that the product is addressing for its users.


“In order for us to deliver value, there needs to be a valuable problem to solve.” 
– Colville Nette, Managing Director


The problem you are facing almost certainly plays a part in UX from the consumer perspective. If web design isn’t mobile responsive; if websites are not showing up in search engines; if landing pages are having trouble converting users into consumers; or if you can’t effectively manage website content; then your users may perceive and respond to your product and brand negatively.


Project Example


Client Problem

Long processing of orders and delays in delivery of products is resulting in irate customers and bad reviews spread across social channels. Our process is still being refined and is improving, however delays are often not caused by us, but by our contractor.


UX Solution

Keep in touch through the purchase process with updates when an order reaches different stages of the process, and support those with additional content and systems. This allows the user to follow where their item is and manages their expectations for arrival. Support this automated process with communications if there are any delays. Let users know versus having them send through a disgruntled email or call.



Such a small addition to the process provides great UX as it instills confidence in the purchase process, making them more likely to return and even promote your brand (by sharing their good experience!) with their friends.


What’s next?

Good UX rests as the foundation of every great digital strategy by businesses and web agencies.

Once you have defined the problem you are facing, you can start uncovering your solution and think more about UX in your digital processes, website and application design.

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