What does a Digital Agency look for when hiring?

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Our digital agency is currently in the midst of expanding and have no less than four places to fill as we write this article. Over time (20 plus years) we have been able to witness many different resume styles, recruitment tactics and interview presentations which have led to a successful outcome. Drawing from this experience we have short listed just a few of the important qualities that we look for when hiring potential candidates. The following points may help you get into the digital industry, and get your preferred digital agency role.


Demonstrated ability

This is the most important one and can, in some instances, be the hardest to showcase.

When showcasing your work, most people only show the end product. What is also important and useful from an assessment standpoint is having an explanation of how you got there and how you overcame any obstacles. Remember when you had to write out all your steps in that maths problem back at school to explain your thought process, and even a wrong result got you a passing mark? Similar thing – we value the process as much as the output – because you will be given challenges everyday that need solving, and the planning and thinking it through is a big chunk of how we work. This will also showcase how well you can articulate your processes and thinking to people in the interview – another tip below.


Use of an out-of-work project

Not everyone can showcase their work so easily – you may work within a larger team and it can be hard to quantify your exact contribution in black and white. In this case, we recommend the consideration of using an out-of-work project as well to showcase your applied knowledge and skills. For example, volunteering your services with a charitable organisation, community group or a family or friends’ business.

If you use an out-of-work project make sure you have:

  1. set goals and an agenda
  2. established a plan
  3. a budget
  4. tests, measures and results reports
  5. absolutely make sure you get a reference that reiterates how awesome you are

Many small businesses and charities would value the assistance of a qualified professional, but really can’t afford one, so will be appreciative of this type of project to help you expand your skills. From a prospective employer’s position it demonstrates that you have a real passion for your craft and are eager to push yourself.


Good communication skills

Most roles within an agency will, at some point involve you being in front of clients, or preparing correspondence explaining what you do and how you can help solve their digital challenges.

Good communication skills, especially the ‘face to face’ type is not everyone’s cup of tea, however these situations require abilities we look for in most employees. Here at The Digital Embassy we like to involve our team in projects from the very early stages of strategy and development planning. This typically requires the sharing of specialised information directly with clients that only you, as a knowledge leader can provide. Being able to articulate your ideas succinctly, and present knowledge in a manner that is easy to understand can become another major influencing factor when seeking out suitable candidates.

Agencies often get a bad rap for being very ego driven environments. While we encourage our personnel to exert confidence as part of their communication delivery, the art is not to come across as cocky, or condescending when dealing with others. Being humble is actually a rare, but very desirable character trait in any employee.


Don’t be put off by a small budget

The expectation of working in an agency might conjure up visions of unlimited pools of money handed over by a client allowing you to create the most crazy and ridiculous solution ever thought of to sell their product or service. Unfortunately, not anymore.

Most clients have set budgets and have a fair idea what they want to achieve for their money. Smaller budgets can often be used successfully by looking into alternatives to the traditional mediums, embracing digital technology and all new channels of communication available. Anyone can work wonders with big money, so the skill is to be creative and work within the parameters set by your client and provide them with as much success as you can.


Have complimentary skills to your core talent

Agencies in Adelaide are typically small to medium-sized businesses. The greater skill set you have, the better your chances of employment in this industry. This doesn’t necessarily have to be directly linked to business related activities either, it can be a hobby or something you did while you were at Uni, or in a professional development course. Everyone in our digital agency has at least one secondary skill or talent. It may not be used regularly, but having a range of complimentary talents can broaden the range of services that the agency can offer. It also assists to integrate you with other teams within the agency, and provides you with an opportunity to work outside of your regular routine.

The Digital industry can be a difficult industry to break into because it can often mean so many different things to organisations. There can be so many channels and disciplines needed as part of delivering an digital transformation strategy or a successful marketing outcome.

To give yourself the best chance of gaining the attention of your preferred digital agency consider what we’ve said above – it is not an exhaustive list, but hopefully provides a few tips for your next employment opportunity that will make you the ultimate addition to any digital team.

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