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Compelling digital design is often born from the need to improve user experiences and functionality or to create aesthetically pleasing elements which make unique brand statements.

Trends in digital design are forever evolving, largely driven by the rapid uptake by consumers in digital media. There is always new ground to uncover and new approaches to creative thinking that can give your business website a distinctive ‘wow’ factor and cause users to respond in specific and intended ways.

At The Digital Embassy we pride ourselves on continuous improvement of our design principles and methodologies. These ensure we deliver beautiful, highly intuitive website design solutions to our clients.

Below we look at a selection of popular trends in digital design and UX that, in our view, are going to be become more prominent in website applications throughout 2017.


Interactive Design Elements


Interactive design elements improve the experience for site visitors while enhancing how the content is displayed on both desktop and mobile devices. These design features use rich media transitions to present content in an unique way and provide more user intuitive functionality.

This design application is perfect for showcasing products, services or personnel using modern development techniques.


Scalable Vector Graphics


Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) have become more popular with designers and developers because they allow for greater image scaling regardless of resolution or pixel density.Where traditional image formats like JPG, PNG or GIFs encounter quality issues when zoomed in or exposed to higher resolution types, SVG’s retain their quality because they are vector based images, and are constructed using a mathematical formula allowing for greater image flexibility to suit any screen or device type.

Because of this formula, SVG’s also load much faster than conventional images because they are written in the Extensible Markup Language (XML) and as a result, have a greater reduction in file size.

SVG images can also feature text or animation elements that have helped further popularity with designers due to their flexible and adaptable nature.


Adaptable Utility Design


Incorporating responsive and adaptable design elements can positively transform the user experience and effectiveness of website utilities. These design elements help to maintain user engagement and increase conversion rates by displaying only the most relevant elements before transitioning the user to the next step in the process.This provides a particular advantage for mobile users due to the limited screen sizes where intuitive ease of use is critical. Common applications of adaptable utility design include expanding menus and online forms.


Real Images over Stock Images


Website users have become much more aware of the difference between glossy, off the shelf stock images and real, relatable and unique photography.When brands wish to showcase their personality and offer a more personal touch, the use of real images provides visitors to the site with greater authenticity and relatability to the service or provider.

Real images help create a relationship between website user and a business and generate a level of trust and association that stock images often cannot achieve.

Not only that, the ongoing cost of purchasing stock imagery licenses can in time far outweigh the investment of having your own professional photos taken and utilized for other forms of brand collateral.


Hover Animation


Hover animations assist in showcasing interactivity with elements, highlighting the clickable nature of a button or text.Animated effects help further enhance the importance or relevance of certain content through attractive interactive design elements that can help further a brand message or emphasise key content to engage users.


Typography keeps Getting Bigger


Typography continues to get bigger and bolder than ever before. 2016 saw an increase in type sizes and more adventurous designs with 2017 promising to continue that trend.

The use of full screen, dynamic colours and textures will continue to be complimented with interesting and vibrant fonts that help brands create an impactful and lasting first impression.




Gradients are again becoming heavily featured throughout digital design after being avoided after so many years of overuse.Gradient styles were once used more subtly but are now being embraced to incorporate much bigger, bolder and more vibrant colour transitions and can be seen in their use for backgrounds, image overlays and even iconography.

This style of design is often used to help create a warm and engaging visual experience or to provide emphasis on a specific focal point or area, such as a product or important headline or piece of copy.

New Navigation Patterns


Navigation menus have moved away from simply being placed at the top of the design. There are now far more functional uses of navigation menus, whether they start hidden from view or feature a pop-out format, to moving from one area of the page to another such as top to left or right hand side.

These changes in navigation styles and placement are often attributed to how a user will engage with a site, with the navigations movements dictated by obvious and intuitive user flows.The Digital Embassy’s design team study and adopt best practice methods to design and develop interactive and visually engaging digital elements that are optimised for use on all devices and screen types.

We incorporate new and innovative technologies that provide unique designs tailored specifically to the brands they represent, understanding intuitive user behaviours in order to offer the best possible visitor experiences.

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