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The Digital Embassy’s Q&A Insights Series provides members of our team with a platform to share their thoughts and values of an area in which they are both passionate and highly experienced.

The third installment features Nick Greenslade, our in-house Digital Strategist and Solutions Architect. If you’re thinking – what is digital strategy? Nick offers his views regarding the digital strategy process and what effects it can have on business objectives, business development and the potential for further return on investment.


What would you say is the most common reason a business would want to undertake a digital strategy?

Often it stems from a business being overwhelmed by the amount of platforms and channels that are available to them, and not having a clear vision of which ones they should be focussing on. Digital is such a big space now with websites, apps, CRMs, data integration, social media channels and digital marketing. For a company to know exactly which ones they should be using in order to leverage these channels to benefit their day to day business and provide a return on investment is a real challenge.

More often than not it’s likely they have a couple of these channels already being utilised for their business. And that is great because it helps extend their digital footprint on the internet, but the issue we find is that they are not often unified and working holistically to benefit the business.

These are often the concerns that we discuss with clients who are trying to utilise digital to meet their business objectives. Rarely are there major, business-halting problems with what they are doing. But what we want to do is help them do things that much better, using Digital Business Transformation methodologies that help increase effectiveness and efficiency while helping meet their business objectives.

We also have to be sure to let people know it isn’t about taking a human out of a process, it’s about improving and refining the process for the human through the adoption of digital principles.


Does digital strategy ultimately mean building a new website?

No, not at all. And I think that can often be a misconception around the process for some clients. In reality, it’s about understanding the issues and challenges a business faces and mapping out the best solution to combat that.

The best approach may well be to undertake a website development project or define some custom development that will help improve either their internal processes or customer experiences. But until all of the key stakeholders within a business are aware of their drivers, and have all of the information about their impact and benefits, only then the true strategy can be mapped out.

At the end of the day the focus is primarily on growth for the business. How that is achieved varies from client to client. For some it can be increasing functionality to improve user experiences, undertaking a content strategy or defining digital marketing initiatives that help generate greater ROI. Personally I love understanding the analytics and data, because that is where a lot of the true insights for digital growth live.


Do clients think they are engaging us to listen to them talk about their business?

Some clients do think that way initially, but what we are really doing is facilitating a discussion with all the key players within their organisation. We’re then consolidating their views and wants and aligning them with new ideas that we bring to the table that can help them use digital to its full potential.

We include experts from a variety of disciplines from our team into the workshop to help explore all of the key areas that are raised, ensuring the client knows that they are coming to a company who lives and breathes digital. Our guys are across all of the latest trends and technologies and can apply them to cover all of the touchpoints within their business.

When all of the findings and insights are packaged into the digital strategy roadmap it becomes an ever evolving definition of the client’s digital strategy. That then becomes the basis for all digital implementations and executions across the recommended channels.

The take-outs from the workshop and document arms the client with valuable clarity for all of the stakeholders in the project on how digital can help and what is required for the business to succeed in that area. Everyone should walk out of the session as advocates for digital and what it can achieve for their business.

And when you see clients empowered and excited about harnessing the possibilities of what digital strategy services can do for them, that’s really where the fun lies for me.


Insights from The Digital Embassy

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