Digital – The new black

Friday, 18 September 2015  |  Posted in: Articles  |  3min read

Well, actually it’s the new black, the old black and various shades of grey as well.

As a brand, you consider how best to advertise to the consumer to create both awareness as well as to fulfil the retail needs of selling your offering or generating a lead that converts to some sort of transaction.

Traditionally, a brand manager would consider TV, radio, print media (newspaper, magazine, outdoor, etc) and perhaps some PR campaigns that can link into the advertising. If there was money left over in the budget, you could ‘explore digital’. This would normally come in the form of a MedRec or a Leaderboard on one of the news websites for a couple of weeks. Not exactly effective, but for many, it was the first foray into the digital arena.

Today, things are quite different. Whilst many advertisers still have yet to ‘dabble in digital’, the medium has gained significant momentum and offers plenty more to brands than just a small, generally ignored expensive piece of real estate on a non-related website.

Digital can mean many things to many people. Firstly there’s a brand’s website. Once a consumer has paid attention to a piece of communication and seeks you out, first port of call is typically the website. Does your website actually reflect your brand ? Is the campaign you ran that peaked someone’s interest continued through to your website ?

It’s not uncommon for a brand to reskin their website (or at least the home or key landing page) to show synergy with the advertising campaign the consumer would be familiar with or that drove them to the website in the first place.

But what else can be done in the digital space apart from websites ?  Well, there’s plenty of existing options to extend your brand awareness and continue the connection with the consumer (a mobile app, a digital billboard, a game, social media, etc) but what is truly exciting about the digital medium is that it’s not what currently exists – but what hasn’t been created yet. The options to a brand are only limited to your imagination and yes, sometimes your budget.

Unlike many mediums where the technology for the product is tested and proven – and now unchanged (think print for example), digital technology is forever evolving as people create new ways to connect with each other. The question now common to the digital space is not ‘CAN we do this ?’ but more ‘HOW do we do this ?’

The Digital Embassy is always looking for exciting, new uses of digital technology – cut through means having something meaningful to say but also giving careful consideration to the vehicle and manner in which you say it. Begin a conversation with us here at The Digital Embassy and let’s discover a better new way to communicate your brand message – in a way we didn’t know we could do yet.

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