Drive More Value from Email Marketing Campaigns with your CRM

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Email is one of the more traditional forms of digital marketing. (Yes, we’ve come a long way to be able to call email traditional!) But studies show that it still remains one of the most effective channels.

59% of consumers say that email campaigns influence their purchase decisions.

Evidently, email is a great sales tool. It allows you to follow up with your consumers on a personal level, tailoring your communication to their stage in the purchase process.

The value email generates for business doesn’t end there. Email is also a great tool to support SEO efforts by driving high levels of traffic to your website. This is one of the determining factors of your website ‘quality score’ which will improve your long-term page ranking.


Delivering value for your audience will generate value for your business

The goal of marketing is to generate value for your business. The best method of achieving this is to focus any campaign you undertake on delivering the highest level of value possible to your audience. The more value you provide them, the more effective your digital marketing efforts will become.

When creating email marketing campaigns they must always be relevant and valuable to the audiences you are targeting to be effective at supporting your sales and marketing strategies. This value can be derived from many types of campaigns from tailored product recommendations to compelling offers and useful content.

The main advantage that digital marketing tools offer is the ability to communicate with highly targeted audiences and measure their responses. Email marketing allows you to communicate directly with your audience at the right time, and in a personalised way. With email marketing, your audience decides who to let in. The best way to ensure you continue getting clicks and avoid getting messages deleted is to develop that relationship with your audience as a trusted source by understanding them better.



It all begins with a CRM integration

Customer relationship management (CRM) software goes hand in hand with driving value from email marketing. A CRM system allows you to store and manage data in a central location. This can include everything from customer and lead information to marketing campaigns and project stages.

Integrating your CRM with your email direct marketing (EDM) platform as part of your digital transformation opens up a world of value generating activities, allowing you to develop your relationship with your consumers and grow your business faster online.

With all the information from your CRM at your disposal, you can create a comprehensive, omni-channel marketing strategy and optimise to perfection.

Here are some of the ways that email can fit into your strategy with the support of a CRM.


Personalise your content

Personalising your email campaigns to consumers’ needs allows you to provide additional value to them, supporting your marketing strategy to drive sales. Providing more value discourages your audience from exercising their right to unsubscribe, and helps to build relationships with your consumers.

A CRM enables you to segment your audience into lists so that you can send highly targeted campaigns. What these lists represent is entirely up to you. You could segment your audience based on demographic data like age or location. You could even segment them based on behavioural data such as people who have viewed a particular web page, or people in a particular stage of the purchase process.

Hyper-focused, data-driven campaigns can be a great way to increase your bottom line. EDM platform Campaign Monitor found the ROI from segmented emails to be 760% higher.


Automate your workflow

You can even take your personalised email campaigns a step further by making them part of your omni-channel strategy that drives consumers through your purchase funnel.

Create filter options in your CRM to track consumers through the different stages of the funnel. Consumers can progress through the funnel through completing certain actions like signing up to your newsletter, viewing specific web pages, or making a purchase. You can deliver personalised content at each stage you set to guide them through to a sale and then on to brand loyalty.

Of course, you don’t want to be doing all of this manually! Set up an automated process that automatically scores leads and sends content to their inbox at the exact right time.

Our favourite out-of-the-box solution for marketing automation is the Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution (EMS). Automation in Kentico allows marketers to run omni-channel campaigns with ease from the one platform.



Ideas for your CRM integrated email campaigns

Here are some email campaign examples to get you started. How will you or your web agency use your CRM integration to drive more value for your consumers and your business?

  • Monthly newsletter with dynamic content
  • Timely reminders (offers, events, webinars)
  • Meet the team for new consumers
  • Order status update
  • Product recommendations
  • Cart abandonment reminder

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