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Tuesday, 17 May 2016  |  Posted in: Articles  |  4min read

When sending out email newsletters and EDM pieces the constant struggle for most marketers is being able to overcome roadblocks relating to unopened, unsubscribed or deleted emails. That’s not to mention getting their email content read and ultimately actioned!

We know there is a fair bit of advice claiming that if you follow a particular formula, or use a special software, you will all but conquer your email marketing woes.  As a digital agency we have developed strategy’s, run campaigns, and helped 100’s of clients track and measure their email marketing efforts. This experience has shown there is no one magic formula, no single super strategy or tool that when applied will ensure your email marketing campaign will be a guaranteed success.

Instead, what we have done is take a much more pragmatic approach to the problem. We have compiled a short list of the most influential tasks you can do to get your email marketing kicking goals for your business.

Listed in no particular order the following 10 tips when applied in isolation, or as a combination of events should see your email marketing results improve.  If you only do one thing however, then we recommend the final point above all else. All the best advice in the world is pointless if you fail to test, measure and optimize your campaign for best results.


Our top ten list of tips to help your EDM pieces get noticed:

  1. You must have something to say – and say it to the right people. Don’t talk for the sake of talking but instead have something worthy of the readers’ attention.
  2. Automate where possible to save you time. Rather than using your normal email client (Outlook, Mail etc) use an online bulk emailer like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor to generate one email that can be sent to multiple people.
  3. Don’t Spam !  It may be a delicious meat like substitute conveniently packaged in a can, but people hate receiving unsolicited material – and it’s illegal. See points 1 and 8.
  4. The ‘unsubscribe’ button/link – you have to have it, so don’t hide it. If people do not want to interact with you in this medium, it’s better to show them the way out in an easy manner rather than frustrate them (and therefore their association with your brand) by making the exit difficult.
  5. Personalise the message. If it’s seen as a bulk message, it’s seen as not relevant to them. A personal greeting suggests that thought has gone into the conversation. The bulk emailers mentioned in point 2 all have personalization features that are easy to use.
  6. Always include a Call-To-Action (CTA). Don’’’t just supply useful information – give the reader a reason to act and a method of action.
  7. Cater to mobile. With smartphones used to view much of the content we receive these days, having a message that is hard to read on mobile devices will only encourage deletion.
  8. Add value to the reader. Impart knowledge, offer a discount or a form of deal to entice the reader and reward them for their attention.
  9. Include social sharing. Buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc allow people to share the messages around and have your brand exposed to a greater audience.
  10. Test (in particular A/B split test), measure, optimise and improve. Link your campaigns to statistics on reach and interaction. By learning how your target market interacts with your messages you can tailor future communications to encourage greater interaction.


There are many other tips to extract the most out of your EDM communications – like tonality, content and strategic brand analysis. Begin a conversation with The Digital Embassy and together we can map out a path forward to greater client interaction.

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