Facebook Live – Next wave in Mobile broadcasting?

Monday, 11 April 2016  |  Posted in: Articles  |  4min read

Facebook’s latest feature – Facebook Live – allows users to live-broadcast video from their smartphones, see their audience’s reactions and comments, and respond instantly. Followers can now be right there with a user for all those big moments. Initially the app was only released to public figures and media companies. Roll out to the public commenced in early April 2016 and will continue over the coming weeks.


Go Live with your clients

For businesses, “going live” in Facebook Groups and Facebook Events provides new opportunities to both broadcast and watch live video. Businesses can connect on a deeper level with their followers by scheduling live Q&A sessions on your products or services, or showing clients footage of a work in progress or an exclusive vision of what goes on behind the scenes. Live in Groups allows you to broadcast directly to specific target group.


Get real time feedback

Live Reactions focuses on increasing audience engagement. The new feature allows viewers to provide their feedback in real time during a live broadcast using a selection of reactions that animate right on top of the video. These Live Reactions appear and disappear quickly so you and your other viewers get a sense of how people are responding to the live video. The idea is to create a heightened sense reality to your content similar to hearing a crowd applaud and cheer.

This feature, as Facebook described it, is ‘truly interactive’ as business broadcasters can engage with their audience and respond to their suggestions and questions in real-time. Facebook’s initial research has shown that “people comment more than 10 times more using Facebook Live videos than on regular videos.”

Viewers who cannot make it to the live event can still feel “in” on the action as they watch it later, as the app will replay the comments as they happened during the live broadcast.


Deliver personalised one-on-one experiences

For businesses seeking to provide an even more personalised one on one experience with their audience, new Facebook Live features allow you to send an invitation to a connection, or ‘friend’ to watch content in real-time together. For businesses, the application of Facebook Live could be endless – from performing a live presentation, taking a tour or doing demonstrations.

In addition to the launch of Facebook Live, there are other new features included in this release worth noting, including a dedicated Video tab within the Facebook app and geolocation maps which show what is happening in the world right now. You can read and watch more about these features here on Facebooks’ own new feed.


Track your audience

Businesses can track the success of their Live Video campaigns using the two video metrics that Facebook has included in the new release. The ‘Live Broadcast Audience’ metric shows the total number of unique people who watched the video as it was live. The ‘Viewers During Live Broadcast’ feature provides a visual representation of the number of viewers at each moment of the live broadcast and allows you to identify how many viewers are staying to the end and how many are dropping out and the point at which they drop out. These metrics allow businesses to experiment and discover what works best for their intended audience to increase engagement.

If your business is looking to enhance your digital engagements with clients, brand advocates and influences then keep an eye out for these latest features from Facebook, who have recently been rated the world’s largest and most used social network. Further announcements will no doubt be made at Facebook’s (mostly) annual developer conference, F8, currently taking place in San Francisco. We will continue to see these new features roll out over the coming weeks.

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