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Update: This blog post has been reviewed and edited since the launch of Kentico Xperience in May 2020.


Growing your business and expanding into new markets requires reaching out and communicating with a broader target audience. Managing and delivering personalised website content in multiple languages can become a complex task and the various CMS’s (Content Management Systems) and DXP’s (Digital Experience Platforms) on the market each handle and serve personalised multilingual content in varying ways.

For our clients with GeoLocation multilingual website requirements, The Digital Embassy recommends Kentico Xperience, an integrated DXP solution that provides a complete set of features for building websites, intranets, online communities and e-commerce solutions on the Microsoft ASP.NET platform.

The Kentico Xperience platform allows you to translate your content into multiple languages and manage the content easily within the one DXP. Multilingual website support is included as a base feature of all versions of Kentico Xperience, while the Kentico Xperience Enterprise solution features Content Personalisation based on GeoLocation.


Multilingual Websites, Culture and Translation – How does it work?

Kentico Xperience’s Multilingual technology is used primarily to display content that has been translated from the website’s default language (often English-Australia) to a visitor’s preferred language (such as Chinese).

The CMS Editor creates a new version of the page for each language they wish to support. Content can be translated via one of a number of methods, including manual translation or automatic translation via a systematic service, e.g. Microsoft or Google Translate. Kentico Xperience also supports some human translation services, including Translate.com.

When a visitor visits a webpage, the Kentico DXP automatically detects the visitor’s preferred Language based on their browser’s Culture setting. When the platform detects a visitor’s Culture setting is different to the website’s default Culture, the CMS will then look for a translated version of the page in the visitor’s preferred Language. If a translated page is not available in the visitor’s preferred language, the page will automatically display in the website’s default language.

Additionally, a webpage is configurable to allow the visitor to select a specific Language from a drop down list of all translated versions available. A cookie retains the user’s language selection and allows the CMS to display pages automatically in the preferred language as the user continues to browse additional pages.

All versions of Kentico Xperience feature Multilingual website support, including base licenses, allowing you to choose the CMS that meets your current needs and is fully scalable to grow with your business requirements.


Smarter Content Personalisation using GeoLocation with the Kentico Xperience Enterprise Solution

For businesses requiring more than Multilingual website support, the Kentico Xperience Enterprise Solution features a module that delivers personalised content to the website user, based on their individual browsing history.

Kentico Xperience for Enterprise is configurable to collect additional information about your visitor as they interact with the website. Each visitor to the website is stored in the DXP as a Contact and any additional information the platform collects can be stored against the Contact and used to personalise the content that you display.

One such piece of information – collected as part of Kentico’s “out-of-the-box” solution – is the visitor’s GeoLocation based on their IP Address (Country, City). This information gives you the ability to serve your users the content most relevant to them.

The Digital Embassy implement Content Personalization based on a visitor’s detected Country. Our solution allows the CMS Editor to control which Pages, Products, News Articles and Blogs are displayed to users from a particular country.


Keeping website content relevant using GeoLocation

Our custom built GeoLocation Widget developed in-house by our Kentico Xperience certified team can be used “in-line” within content areas to specify which images or text are displayed or hidden, based on the visitors country of origin. This solution allows the Editor to ensure only content relevant to the visitor is being displayed.

Sybiz, a world class innovator in business software development is one of our clients delivering personalised content to a global audience using our GeoLocation widget. Read more about the Sybiz Website here.

While GeoLocation data is valuable, it is only one piece of information about a visitor that can be collected and used to deliver personalised content. Kentico Xperience’s Contact management module is integrated with their personalisation tools, and when planned and implemented correctly, collects behavioural data (pages visited, downloaded content, browsing history, searched keywords etc.) and demographics (age, gender, location) to deliver relevant content based on this information.

GeoLocation, Contact Management and Content Personalisation are features of Kentico Xperience’s Enterprise solution and are only available under the Enterprise license and the Corporate license.


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