Google Wants To AMP Up Your SEO

Friday, 23 September 2016  |  Posted in: Articles  |  4min read

As mobile devices continue to improve, so must the delivery of content that is made available to them. A recent Google study found that 40% of people are clicking off of a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Google is not only listening, but analysing user behaviours and striving to improve that experience for not only consumers of content, but providers of content as well. And with that in mind they have introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Google AMP pages can load up to four times faster and use eight times less data than traditional mobile-optimised pages. With more than 50% of searches globally occuring on mobile devices, Google wants to help you AMP up your website.


What is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a new framework structure that improves the load time of websites and associated documents to cater better to mobile devices. This framework prioritises speed and a quicker user experience by loading content almost instantaneously.

AMP is a way to build mobile versions of web pages that render quickly, consisting of three core structural elements;

1. AMP HTML: A redesigned version of HTML that includes a new set of custom AMP focused commands.

2. AMP JS: A new Javascript structure for mobile pages that focuses on loading external resources in a less synchronised manner.

3. AMP CDN (Content Delivery Network): This will take your AMP-optimised content and cache it on third party platforms for faster delivery.

This doesn’t mean stripping away objects like video or rich media images, rather a focus on building a better, more common technical core that speeds up load times between pages.


What effect will AMP have on Google searching?

Google has indicated that AMP-optimised pages will begin to rank better in organic SERP listings. AMP will affect clicks, impressions, and user experience, which in turn will effect SEO performance.

As a result, these pages will obtain greater reach to users because they will be selected for display more often as they are deemed more mobile friendly than sites not optimised for AMP.


How will it affect my website/results?

The sites that will benefit the most from AMP are websites that regularly publish and produce content. So rather than transition an entire website into AMP, which can effect the overall look and feel of how a website is delivered, it should be focused more on a designated area such as a blog or news section.

Aside from the technical improvements, optimising sections of your site to AMP will help facilitate a better visitor experience to your website. Allowing your information to be better served to users and help translate their visit with a faster, easier and more enjoyable experience. And it’s with that experience you can look to increase the likelihood of them becoming return visitors or even paying customers.

Our agency provides high level digital marketing services to help your website reach your target audience and put you in front of your competitors with improved online visibility. Implementing a strategic digital marketing plan that incorporates SEO, Google AdWords and content specific marketing that can work alongside any AMP related upgrades you make to your website.


How do I optimise my website for AMP?

Websites using WordPress as a CMS are fortunate enough to be able install an AMP specific plug-in, however when installing any new plug-ins your system will not automatically detect any incompatibilities or faults that may be experienced.

For websites that are not on WordPress you can visit the AMP Project’s website and learn how to integrate these updates manually.

We recommend following best practice techniques and taking the appropriate precautionary measures before carrying out any site upgrades. These can include using a staging environment prior to final deployment which can save you many hours of potential website down time by carrying out the appropriate website testing before your changes go live.

As experts in website developments, content management systems and web platforms including Kentico Xperience, WordPress & DNN, The Digital Embassy™ can help provide the knowledge and technical expertise to review and update your site in the right way and maximise your websites AMP experience.

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