Keyword Cannibalisation

Monday, 14 December 2015  |  Posted in: Articles  |  2min read

No, Google hasn’t started eating your website (we’re pretty sure they’re Breatharian anyway – it’s a thing – Google it !)

Keyword Cannibalisation is the phrase coined when Google finds more than one page on your website that focuses on the same keywords. If you have similar page topics that use much of the same content style and wording (for example two products that are essentially the same but are split for different demographics – like a children’s version or gender specific), Google will share your ranking across both pages. This effectively splits your ranking (and therefore the chances of your business moving up the results page) in half. You are competing with yourself for rankings.

Oh the humanity!

There are many ways to address this. First thing to do is to know if you are doing it – that means a ‘keyword map’. Just like a site map shows you all pages, the keyword map can show you all key words used on those pages. This is a good start. At least you can see what’s going on and if anything needs addressing.

If the pages in question are effectively going over the same content (if not product orientated), perhaps consider 301 redirects that can guide a user to the one core page that discusses the topic you want displayed. This at least will keep the original page’s ranking intact.

The Digital Embassy has a team of Digital Marketing Analysts who know the ins and outs of SEO, SEM and many other fancy acronyms that really just mean they understand Google – they’re actually Google Certified (also a thing – Google it !).

If you aren’t sure where to start with your keywords and how to attract more organic search through the use of qualified SEO, begin a conversation with us and let’s work on it together.

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