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Wednesday, 26 October 2016  |  Posted in: Articles  |  4min read

Google Analytics has helped change the way businesses report and understand digital marketing and website success. Basic dashboard access can help provide a myriad of insightful data on not only how users access your website, but also how they interact with it.

Bounce rate percentages, unique page views, organic search volume versus paid or social traffic, it all offers a glimpse into user engagement and interactivity. But how effective is this information for making user experience improvements and providing quantifiable insights that drive real business growth?

The effective implementation of Advanced Tracking and Analytics can provide businesses with a deeper understanding of its audience and offer a more holistic and focused approach on site conversions and quantifiable user behaviours that can help shape the next business decision.


The importance of understanding user behavior

The old adage that the customer is always right certainly translates into the digital age. Today your users are your potential customers, and the reason you offer the service you do. By understanding their behaviour it ensures you are always catering your site’s structure, functionality and the information you provide in such a way to continuously improve their experience.

A customer journey isn’t only what pages they visit or how long they spend on a page, but also where they click, what and how they interact with the various elements within your site. Implementing high level Tracking and Analytics on event based content and actions within your website can provide real and tangible insights into what element are engaging, relevant and in-demand to your users.


Applying Advanced Tracking and Analytics

Advanced Tracking can be applied to any clickable content or application on a website, from phone numbers, email links, social shares, external links or form submissions. Something traditional Google Analytics cannot currently track and report.

If a website utilises a detailed form featuring various selectable options, implementing coded tracking to each item within that form assists in outlining trends and customer themes.

Using the below example, a tracking code has been allocated to the age field (Event Label) within an online form. This then provides statistical insights into the most frequently selected age, specific to the product and service being offered by the business.

Tracking codes can also be applied to individual files, something that is not available within the standard Google Analytic platform at present. This data helps highlight a files relevancy and engagement with its desired audience which can help shape business decisions on the style or types of information and content that is provided.


What Advanced Tracking means for your business

Implementing Advanced Tracking can provide detailed analysis on what content has been accessed most, or information highlighting popular services, product types or selection options. Each click is recorded and that piece of data provides better understanding of the market and areas for focus that are important to improving business services.

The below example highlights selections within a form specific to the region of the user. This is valuable information that can help shape SEO, Google Adwords and other digital marketing initiatives as well as business decisions catered toward high interest areas engaged with a business’ service.

On high level online forms, tracking codes can highlight functionality or terminology that may be contributing toward drop-offs or frequent exit points for users. This differs greatly to the information available in standard Google Analytics, which only records page views and conversion figures, without the statistical insights surrounding the forms engagement.

Advanced tracking not only records interactions with links and documents, but also content such as YouTube and Vimeo videos. Custom coding can be applied to report on whether a video has been played, paused, viewed in its entirety or only to a certain point. This can assist in understanding users’ needs and creating content streamlined to improve their overall experience on your website.

The implementation of Advanced Tracking also provides insights into the effectiveness of both online and offline marketing efforts, beyond the level of transparency that is available with standard website analytics tools. It can then be used to highlight where a user exits your page, whether through an external link to another website referenced on your website or through to your social media channels.

As certified Google Partners, The Digital Embassy can provide strategic direction in how best to utilise Advanced Tracking and Analytics to service the needs of businesses and their users.

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