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Digital agencies and their clients frequently cite content not being ready on time as a major factor that causes delays when launching a new website. Traditionally, content authors create content using Microsoft Word or similar and then copy and paste into their CMS when development is complete. Kentico has responded to this feedback by releasing Kentico Draft, allowing content teams to start producing content much sooner in an environment that has been designed specifically for the purpose.


What is Kentico Draft?

Kentico Draft is a cloud-based service that allows your content team to start preparing your content as soon as your wireframes are signed off. The Content Project owner starts the process by following the wireframes to create page “templates”. Each section of the website that will contain content is represented in the template and the Content owner can add instructions as to what is required in each section.

Kentico Draft helps to overcome the formatting issues experienced when copying and pasting content into all CMS’s. Content pre-prepared in Word unfortunately retains unnecessary styling when copied into the CMS and causes the page not to display as expected. To eliminate this this CMS editor can either paste it in as plain text, or via notepad to strip the styling. The styles then have to be re-entered using the styles built into the CMS. Kentico Draft uses the correct styles as you create it, allowing for seamless import into the CMS.


All the features that you need and more

While Kentico Draft was only recently released, new features are being added on a monthly basis based on user feedback. Kentico Draft already contains some impressive features including:

  • Version control to allow you to see the trail of updates for each content item and allows you to automatically restore any previous version of the content.
  • Character counts for each content block are available for both Text and Rich Text versions
  • Automatic Image Importing to add your images straight into the Media Library and automatically link the imported asset to a page field type.
  • Inline Comments to allow conversations about the content to occur in a single location. No more fishing through an email trail or tracking comments in a Word doc that may be lost when a new version of the document is created.
  • Customizable workflow allows you to create workflow steps specifically for your project and assign a step to each content item. Content items can also be assigned to a particular member of the content team, along with a due date.

Once your content is written and approved it is ready to be imported into the CMS via Kentico Draft’s customized module. The module imports all of your content automatically into the Kentico CMS and EMS. Kentico Draft even has plans to integrate with other CMS’s in the near future, meaning anyone can take advantage of these features.


Who would benefit from using Kentico Draft

While any content team would benefit from using Kentico Draft as part of their website project, we see it as being particularly beneficial for our clients who have large amounts of content that will need to be entered into the CMS and has the potential to delay the launch of the website.


The Kentico Advantage

Lately we have been posting a lot about Kentico but not without good reason! Kentico has rapidly become one of our CMS’s of choice for its ability to deliver a wide range of powerful strategic marketing capabilities that will suit many of our clients. We are truly excited by what we can achieve for our clients using Kentico CMS and EMS.

The number of Kentico projects here at The Digital Embassy has skyrocketed over the last year as our clients become aware of Kentico’s capabilities. One of our recent clients who have utilised Kentico for their website redevelopment is Sybiz, a world class

Talk to us about the Kentico CMS or EMS solution that is right for you. If you are looking towards a new website, and would like to know more about how Kentico can meet your website’s business goals, begin a conversation today.


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