Mistaken Identity – When your digital presence no longer reflects you.

Friday, 3 October 2014  |  Posted in: Articles  |  4min read

Time is passing us by at a rate that has almost never been seen from a digital and technical stand point.

Before our phone plans have run out of their contract, 2 new phone versions have been released which is taking a shine off the benefits of the contract process. Sure we want a new phone at end of our contract, however by this point it has superseded two fold. This once beneficial and affordable option (and still is for some) is being overtaken by advancements in technology – and the demand is high.

The savvy consumer is now becoming the hunter, scavenging for the best deals that will satisfy their immediate needs and wants.

On the business side, from what was relatively a simple sell before; ‘You come, You purchase, You leave’, has evolved into multiple selling paths through various digital channels. You are now faced with a battleground of strategic ploys all attracting your market away from you and into the hands of your competitors.

Your new goals become keeping up with the required digital advancements and social engagement that will keep you top of mind of your easily distracted audience…oh look something shiny…..

So within this rapidly changing playing field, can we really afford to not be dynamic with the tactics that involve our digital and social media strategies?

Statistics are still showing us that businesses are still moving slowly when it comes to engaging online.

Far too often, businesses become visually, aesthetically and functionally left behind because what was once just a ‘nice to have’ website, has become the ‘can’t do without’ means of representing your business and attracting new customers.

So have you kept up with the Jones’s?

So why not aim for the email to read ‘To the new Mr J. Jones – this one’s for you’ when it comes to your business.

Take a minute and reflect on these key questions you need to ask yourself so you don’t become lost in the crowd.

Stand proud.

No longer will you be the poor cousin who eats all the biscuits at every social function, but more like the favourite uncle who always slips you a fifty even when it’s not your birthday.

Let’s discuss your online identity.

Can you answer the following questions and still feel you have this online presence in the bag?

  • When was the last time you reviewed your online presence holistically?
  • When should I consider and Branding Identity Facelift?
  • Do I even need one?
  • How do I know if my consumers as still following me and engaging with my content? (Analytics will be your best friend here.)
  • Are all my marketing channels communicating and working together? (Consider Traditional and digital for this one)
  • What business strategies can I apply that are in line with my business objectives?
  • How do I implement my findings and how will I measure the changes?

Did the handle just break? Who can help you with all of this?

Clearing my throat I would have to say…The Digital Embassy.

We can have a look at your Website and Digital Strategy today and review its performance, decide if it’s a few band aids you need or if it’s time to book you in with our specialists for an overhaul that is guaranteed to not only make you look 10 years younger but set you up set for the future.

Identities (your brand) can need an overhaul –you have evolved, matured even changed from when you started. So I’m talking wardrobe, hair and make-up (our design process); personality review (what and how you speak leaves an important consumer impression, so are you speaking the same language or are you talking to a mirror?); and then taking some classes to educate yourself on where you are going and where you need to be (the framework for the new you – now and moving into the future).

So if you feel your business could do with some fresh faced company, come and see what’s new and happening at The Digital Embassy – the coffee is on us.

Ready to talk about your requirements?

Phone us on 1300 375 368 for an obligation-free chat with a digital specialist about how we can help to scale up your business online.

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