National Recycling Week 2017

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This week we’re celebrating National Recycling Week!

As a business in the digital space, we have made a conscious effort to decrease our waste, lower our carbon offsets, recycle as much as possible and ensure our office space is both environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

We are proud to announce that we now only produce one garbage bag of rubbish per week from our office of almost 20 people as 90% of our rubbish is recycled!


War on coffee cups

Following The Coffee Cup Tram & Discounts for BYO Cups, we introduced our own ceramic coffee mugs in early 2017 to reduce our waste from the morning ritual of a daily coffee. Six months on, our team use their double-walled mugs to enjoy their daily mug of coffee goodness. If we’re lucky enough to grab a coffee on-the-go, our team ensure they’ve got their mugs on hand (and get a discount!).


Amplifying our recycling initiative

This year, we have made it one of our goals to step up our recycling game. While we’ve always made a mindful effort to recycle, this year we have doubled our recycling.

All of our food waste, including tea bags and coffee grinds, is provided to our worm farm, which turns into a rich fertiliser for our owner’s homegrown fruit and vegetables, who in turn, grow delicious fruit and vegetables, which are often brought back into the office to share with the team. Our worm farm production alone has doubled in production the past year.

On top of this initiative, we ensure all glass, tins and cardboard waste is recycled in our designated system in our breakout area.

While we have our in-house coffee Nespresso coffee machine, the used pods are recycled into the Nespresso bags, which we then drop at the local store. You can learn more about Nespresso’s coffee pod recycling here.


Greener servers and office infrastructure

There’s no doubting there’s a lot going on in our office – so we’ve made our servers extremely energy efficient – we’re no longer using multiple physical servers which use more energy overall. Even our phone system has been audited and upgraded in our pursuit of cost and waste savings.



Our office has been architecturally-designed and built to take full advantage of natural light and ventilation to reduce energy usage. We’re nice and close to public transport which many of our staff use for their daily commute, while those using car transportation choose to carpool. To stay energy efficient, we use Origin’s GreenPower products which are fully accredited by the government to reduce our electricity footprint.


Going Carbon Neutral for good

We have been supporting the Carbon Neutral program since 2007. In that time, we have cumulatively contributed to the establishment of 528 native trees and shrubs in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor and the retirement of 262 tonnes of carbon offsets.

In 2018, we are aiming to continually reduce our carbon footprint, reduce office waste and adopt sustainable practices.

To find out how you can get involved in National Recycling Week or for help on how to adopt some valuable recycling practices in your workplace visit or contact us.


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