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Wednesday, 21 October 2015  |  Posted in: Articles  |  2min read

Today (October 21st, 2015), is considered ‘Back To The Future’ Day. It’s the date that the characters Marty and Doc went into the future from 1985. This future time was filled with amazing technologies and innovations. Predicting the future can be a tough ask.

So what did the movie get right about 2015 and what is still to come to pass ?

Well, we have thumb print technology for identification and to open doors – tick.

We have glasses that can access the internet and supply us with information – tick.

Video calls on TV screens have been around for a few years now (Skype & Facetime) – tick.

Nike have actually created a shoe with power laces although it was not commercially produced and only done as a stunt based on the movie – fail.

Lexus have created a hoverboard that works using magnets. Pretty cool but not any where near as efficient as the Mattel model in the movie. Also not commercially viable as yet – fail.

Cars can’t fly – fail.

Fashion – that can never be predicted so we’ll let them off the hook for this one. We can’t predict next years trends let alone 30 years from now.

One of the more exciting predictions that almost panned out was the Chicago Cubs winning the world series. The ‘Cubbies’ haven’t achieved this since 1908 and whilst it was considered a joke inclusion in the movie, at the time of writing this, the Cubs were just knocked out of the hunt – a position they haven’t got close to in over a hundred years. – we’ll give them an honorary tick for that.

Predicting the future, whether in business, fashion or anything else is a hard game to play. Hats off to Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis for writing such a great trilogy of films and not doing too bad a job at predicting the future – we still want flying cars.

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