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Most people feel a little uneasy the first time they become aware of re-marketing. It’s not an altogether unnatural response. Having your browsing behaviour tracked so that products you have previously viewed can be presented to you on other sites, to some people, feels a bit ‘Big Brother’.

But the beautiful thing about Digital Marketing is that it allows brands to be far more targeted in their campaigns than they can be on any other platform. There’s no escaping advertising, so as a consumer, wouldn’t you rather have content displayed to you that is highly relevant to your interests, rather than random ads for herbal pills with mystical powers?

For brands, this value of avoiding the scatter-gun reality of traditional media and instead targeting customers with proven interest in the products they offer cannot be overstated. However, despite the huge ROI gains that can be made through remarketing, brands have been slow to come to the party, primarily due to lack of understanding and not knowing where and how to start.


What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a method of tracking which sites and specific products consumers visit, and then presenting ads to those consumers at a later time as they browse other sites in the Google Display Network, use mobile apps, or search on Google.

The Google Display Network is made up of over two million websites, including many high-ranking news, blog and entertainment sites. Google claims that the Google Display Network provides access to over 90 per cent of internet users.


How Does It Work?

Remarketing works by adding a small piece of code to each page on your website. That code plants a cookie in the browser of customers who visit those pages so that when they browse sites on the Google Display Network, Google knows what remarketing ads to show them.

Once you have added the code from Google AdWords to each of your pages, you’re ready to start a campaign. You can advertise to anybody who has visited your site, or you can build lists of pages that are relevant to different ads you want to display. If you ran an online camera store, for example, you might want to add product pages for each of your camera lenses to a ‘lens’ list. If you create a campaign for your lens list you can show an ad for your range of camera lenses only to people who have looked at a lens on your site.


Highly Targeted Advertising

If you want to be even more specific, you can even advertise the exact product a visitor viewed by using the dynamic remarketing feature in AdWords.

Last year Google introduced re marketing on search terms to Google AdWords. This means that consumers who visited your website can be presented ads for your products when they enter relevant search terms (such as ‘digital camera’) into Google.


Getting Bang For Your Buck

While setting up a basic remarketing campaign is simple, maximising your ROI is a much more complex process. While it might be tempting to advertise to all people who have visited your site or to customers who have shown interest in a particular type of product or service, taking full advantage of remarketing requires strategy and customer insight.

You may only want to remarket to site visitors for a short period of time so you don’t waste money, or put a cap on the number of times you advertise to each person.You may also want to set up custom rules in AdWords to target users who made it to your shopping basket page, but didn’t go through with the purchase, or you might think that customers who have purchased from you before are a better bet because they already know and trust your brand.

Another strategy might be to do both, but with different ads that tailor the message depending on where the customer is in their decision making process. A qualified digital marketing expert can look at how your customers behave and develop the remarketing strategy that will deliver the best result for your brand.

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